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The Doubt Ceiling

August 7th, 2011 by John P. Schumake

Excerpts from “The Doubt Ceiling” by John P. Schumake

I have a better question: who is the person who is not arriving at the forefront in our current time of crisis? Perhaps he or she would like to step forth, but can’t.

…How do Cornelius Vanderbilt, George Westinghouse, John D. Rockefeller, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and T. Boone Pickens become the angry, avaricious, creative, dynamic inventors of whole realms of commerce and industry, the spinners of GOLD, the visionaries that caused new sorts of factories, different lines of communication, novel ways of conducting business, better ways of harnessing energy, amazing ways of working, and very individual ways of giving?

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July 24th, 2010 by Juan Zapatero

I was amused by the clever ploy of the Obama Administration to be willing to sabotage their own proposed extension of the unemployment benefits just to make Republicans look bad…
…What would unquestionably help to reduce the strain on Coal producing Energy Plants, and also reduce the potential of total electrical brown-outs during High Usage Periods would be an incentive for home owners to invest in …
…Unfortunately, a failure of the Utility Grid suits the government Share-Bears just fine…

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Sweep, or Vacuum if You Must

May 30th, 2010 by Juan Zapatero

Excerpts from ‘Sweep, or Vacuum if You Must’ by Juan Zapatero
The Buddhists have a philosophy: “Sweep your own corner of the world clean.”
…There was not a larger picture of what could serve to bring some cohesiveness and continuity to our continent.
…At any rate, Hillary’s haggard, less than inspired look is becoming the face that he Obama Administration is putting on for the rest of the world.
…One wonders, if her husband Bill [Clinton] isn’t still taking the fall for some of the Obama Administrations blunders, i.e., Sestak and some felonious job offers (Didn’t Bill and Hillary end up with some debt after the campaign that Obama and the Democratic party was able to some how ‘clear up?’ I’m musing. Help me remember the facts here…’ ‘Was it eight million dollars?’ Maybe there was more debt than we thought…)
…Today, the sad reality of oil-spills, contamination of Gulf coastal regions, North Korea, brazen and unafraid of this gentle touchy-feely, ‘let’s all hold hands and teach the world to sing…’ administration, is flexing its muscles against South Korea, and, by proxy, the United States.
…Incidentally, after all of these years and all of the oil spills, “Doesn’t anyone possess a tanker that is capable of vacuuming up oily water, and then is able to begin sending the cleaner, separated water back out to the sea?

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“A Politician, eh?”

May 15th, 2010 by John P. Schumake

Excerpts from “A Politician, Eh?”
…my grandfather, who came here from Sicily when he was three years old and spoke both perfect English and a fluent Sicilian dialect used to make vague references to acquaintances who were wont not to work, but rather would make their living off of the backs of others, both scheming and dreaming, “Politician, “ he used to say with a sort of a half grin, referring to the person on question….
…In video game programming one of the most important aspects to master is collision detection, wherein objects that you program on the screen, or at least in some sort of video buffer, are able to ‘sense’ or perceive, as it were, the presence of other objects ‘in their space’. ..
…In the world of big oil companies and politicians, there are the imaginative players, those who can determine new and better ways to draw oil or natural gas from unlikely sources. Those new sources are ‘Oil Sands’ and ‘Shale Gas’. …

…Today, thanks to the imagination and work of people in the industries that provide us energy, these technologies are more and more possible, more affordable, not in need of government subsidies like wind and solar…
…This [American Oil independence] go a long way to de-stabilizing the cartels of terroristic states who have a strangle hold on (at last reading) democratic and capitalistic free nations.
…Shale gas and oil sands are the hope of an affordable future, but apparently, the current administration and Congress doesn’t really care what gas costs you at the pump, any more than they care if your taxes go up…
They [Our Current Congress and Administration]… aren’t on board with the idea that politicians need to be ‘educated’ as to what is happening in our energy sector, because it is perhaps the most important sector in our future economy…
…Environmental activists will try to stop our own North American Companies from drilling in the gulf, but they won’t stop China from drilling off of our coastal waters…
…Remember, the oil spill in the Gulf was not caused by An American Based Oil corporation…

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There is Nothing to Fear, but Wall Street Itself

May 7th, 2010 by Juan Zapatero

Excerpts from ‘There Is Nothing To Fear, but Wall Street Itself’ by Juan Zapatero

The sad thing about that is this: Despite the bad rap, the oil industry in the United States is one of the most historic, technologically advancing, job creating industries in our nation…
We need the oil industry for more than just jobs…
…We need them for advancements in cleanup operations that will ultimately help eliminate other forms of contamination of the environment. We need them because of the incredible amount of research they do on the inter-related mechanisms for the sustainability of our planet. We need them because they are they only organizations large enough, equipped and with enough savvy to finally help us glide into a solar, wind, natural gas and yet-unimagined future. We need them because they do funnel considerable money into the tax coffers through a wide range of input not limited to the salaries of the individuals working for the companies; this would be particularly true of the American based corporations like Exxon Mobile. The tax write-offs alone of the oil companies and their affiliates have resulted in the construction of research facilities, the provision of scholarships, and the advancement of institutions of higher learning. We certainly don’t need to destroy them.

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Headed for the Tar Pits

April 9th, 2010 by John P. Schumake

Excerpts from Headed For The Tar Pits
by John P. Schumake
Evidently the Federal government has been using rather outdated methods for calculating Domestic Natural gas Output. ..
…This is a perfect example of a how a large, slow, lumbering bureaucracy, growing ever fatter, and dragging its peg-legged health care across the scarred oak floor of our economy has been unable to keep up…
…There is no way that slow moving court systems can keep pace with industrial, technological, biological, and pharmaceutical changes that are happening now at a geometrically increased blinding rate…
…Eventually, it will become apparent that many branches of the Federal Government serve no purpose, or can’t keep up with, legislate or rule on changes in private sector industries. At that point it will be up to the people to deliberately and surgically scale the Federal Government back to a light-weight, purposeful and usable size, perhaps the size that Thomas Jefferson envisioned …

Drucker stated, “Medieval feudalism was replaced by the unitary sovereign state… But the unitary sovereign state has now itself been replaced y a new pluralism – a pluralism of function rather than one of political power – because it could neither satisfy the needs of society nor perform the necessary tasks of community. That…. is the most fundamental lesson to be learned from the failure of socialism, the failure of the belief in the all-embracing and all-powerful state. The challenge that faces us now, and especially in the developed free-market democracies such as the United States, is to make the pluralism of autonomous, knowledge -base organizations redound both to economic performance and to political and social adhesion.”

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Happy Thanksgiving, or Deep Fried Turkeys cause Global Warming

November 26th, 2009 by Juan Zapatero

Never underestimate the power of a shnook…
…The crucifixion of the CIA by the Obama administration
…for stupid accusations she [Pelosi] made against the CIA.
…Despite Al Gore’s Global Warming
…We have a lot and more to be thankful for.
…People in this country are still willing to stand up against government that they do not approve of… via tea parties, town-hall meetings…
President Obama and Congress have put energy independence and private sector job creation on the back burner.

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Cross Dressing is a Bad Thing

November 8th, 2009 by Juan Zapatero

Thomas Edison refused to hire a man because the man salted his soup before tasting it….
… the possibility of working for them as an independent programming contractor…
…several questions about SQL server transactions, extents
…”You didn’t go like that, did you?”
…he fired the boy genius Nicolai Tesla, already responsible for developing many of the things that Edison is credited with inventing…
…Archie Bunker, by “2 plumbers, a seamstress and a dingbat..”
Jefferson’s original concept: The Federal Government should have as little involvement as possible in our private or business affairs.
…so embarrassed of their college transcripts that they refuse to allow to have them released for the general public’s approval during campaigns.

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