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The Masonry Core

March 14th, 2009 by John P. Schumake

The Masonry Core… it’s not a paramilitary group with ties to the Knights Templar.
… the new energy efficient features of zero – clearance wood burners should be given a serious look…
…There is no money in the stimulus package for masonry cores.
If the government was really interested in arresting global warming …
There is no known height to which reinforced masonry structures can be built.
If the 2 massive twin towers had been constructed with steel reinforced masonry housing the core of the building, … the buildings may have survived,
… even with the jet fuel pouring down the core.
You see, clay masonry is baked and vitrified at various high heats, and good clay masonry is able to withstand tremendous heats.
Masonry has greater compressive strength than steel – which is what the twin towers could have used on that fateful day,
… it retains the energy on one side of it from being transferred to the other side.
In the insulation process, masonry would be known as the resistor. The ideal insulator is a resistor – insulator – resistor sandwich.
…Green buildings not bleeding heat, light and other energy into the atmosphere, buildings with cores that have unequalled compressive strength…
…‘Of course it’s a spending bill!’ said Presidet Obama, ‘That’s what a stimulus package is!’

Those words will haunt us for many years.

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I’ve Discovered the Solar System

March 3rd, 2009 by John P. Schumake

Opn your eyes and close your wallets – tax write-offs for Solar Panels:
100% write-offs this year, who knows for next year.
Alternative energy means alternative write offs.
The obscene bacchanalia of spending by the Democrat Congress may cause you to dread the rumbling of oncoming taxes.
Since the market is failing consider alternative write-offs such as Solar Panel – Inverter systems.
Home-grown energy provides a hedge against inflation.
Avoid taxes. Set up your own alternative energy plant.

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The National Paycheck

February 26th, 2009 by John P. Schumake

President’s power grab
…oil drilling for that matter was never mentioned
…Natural gas is a logical choice
…So what’s the paycheck? Our energy resources are the paycheck – natural gas, coal, crude, wheat, corn barley

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Oil, Oil Everywhere And Not a Drop to Burn

February 15th, 2009 by John P. Schumake

Excerpts from Oil, Oil Everywhere…:
“The Best Laid Plans of Lice and Liberals…”,
…and then it starts: The residual oil in the pipes begins to leak, all over the ground, in the streams filled with Alaskan fish

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