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Into Which Falls The Souls Of the Unwary




To think that an embryo can be pulled apart for its chain of chemicals is truly to deny the Creator.  To think that God arrived back from some trip after 3 or 4 months or at birth to breathe the soul of life into a human is to say that the marvelous occurrence that brought the DNA together, caused the chains to link so mathematically, began the formation of all of its parts in the womb – somehow happened without him!  To think that he woke from some nap to discover that life had been formed in many little cells, that DNA had combined marvelously without him, that spinal cords had made their connections, and that hearts had begun to beat, and now all was ready for him to breathe the breath of life into it is to truly deny the Creator.


It is really just a tongue in cheek way of saying to believers of all faiths (those who truly stand in awe of the Almighty),  “There there now, you can have your God, your Allah, but after the baby has been born, or – > after the parts have been used.” 

There are, admittedly, some individuals (you can find them on the Internet) who have stated that the Q’Oran says that an embryo is a human after 4 months.  I will say this:  First of all, these people point to English translations of the Q’Oran without stating that it is an English translation.    Now, while some Muslims may in fact consider the harvesting of human embryos for stem cells not destructive to human life ( just as do some Catholics), remember this: 

Not all embryos are used strictly for stem cells that can be taken in the early days of the embryo.  Some  embryos are used for stem cells that can be removed at later phases of development and in other  cases embryos will ultimately be harvested for the purpose of providing the parts or chains of chemicals that can be employed,  put to use, so to speak. (Google the artificial womb).

Point in case:  The nervous system is basically developed after 8 1/2 weeks or 60 days, or 2 months to the point where nerves are working and useful.  Now, to think that embryonic stem cell research seeks to analyze the embryo for a few weeks, and then toss it away is naïve.  This naïveté comes from not seeking to understand the ultimate purpose of the science:  Ultimately the science is experimenting so that the state of the art can be achieved.  The state of the art is to be able to use ‘viable’ parts.  The science, in order to succeed, must strive that the state – of – the art arrive at a point where the embryo can be effectively grown in or out of the womb so the desired chain of chemicals, collection of nor-epinephrine turned into nerve cells or brain tissue or nerves of the heart can be ‘gathered’. 

Quite certainly some things will be gathered after 4 months, because some things only develop after 4 months.  Sadly, the attempt has been made by the hawks for embryonic stem cell use to hoodwink many in the Muslim community.  Thank God, there exists in the large family of these people many very discerning and logical minds.  (After all, they gave us mathematics!)   They know and will understand that science will use embryos that have developed beyond 4 months with this cavernous door being flung open into the unseen abyss.


Here’s my point, if a couple who lives worshipping in the Religion of  Islam believes that In vitro fertilization is acceptable  – as ‘some’ may believe that the discarded embryos are not yet a human –  then that couple may find it in their minds acceptable to be unconcerned about what happens to the discarded embryos. In vitro fertilization generally requires that numerous embryos be created, and only some will be implanted.  What that couple doesn’t know, and the shameful lie they have been fed is this:


The scientific after-market community will certainly in some cases grow these embryos beyond the 4 month mark, especially as the technology develops.  Some Muslim individuals, perhaps even religious authorities having accepted the embryonic stem cell research under the premise that it is acceptable to discard a 2 week old embryo will find that they have been fooled, and will be quite unable to change a law that permits scientists to dismember the parts of a Muslim child (and if it has developed beyond 4 months is it certainly not a human in the Islamic belief?) and use it as the experimenters deem necessary.

Perhaps, in an interest to pioneer into new research to ‘improve’ the gene pool, scientists will begin shuffling the human genes of countless true devout worshippers of God in and out with the genes of an animal. God forbid.



And you wonder why God doesn’t bless the economy?


To me, the Obama decision to reverse the decision on embryonic stem cell research is an affront to many religions, but particularly to members of those religions who are unaware of the long-term objectives of the scary discipline.  These individuals, followers of Islam, or Catholics or people of many other faiths will be victimized in that their own progeny will be experiencing unspeakable experimentation and combination with inhuman species, or dismemberment, and it is dismemberment.  God be the judge.

I haven’t seen anything in English translations of the Q’Oran that says ‘if an embryo has developed for 3 months outside of the womb after only 1 month in the womb it is not a child of the father who originally fathered it’. 

If I am wrong in my understanding of this, I invite intelligent commentary to correct me.


Today is a sad day, a day of deception.  Especially since European research has gone beyond embryonic stem cells and is looking far more seriously at iPS cells, which are essentially taken from -say- the skin of the person who will ultimately be the recipient of the tratment.  This is a day when logical minds need to look at the arrow in flight to determine from where it has been fired, and where it will land.  This follows close on the heels of President Obama’s order several weeks ago to again fund and promulgate abortions in third world countries.  That order especially targets Muslims and Catholics.  My complaint is not against stem-cell research.  I believe that God will bless profoundly the work done in adult stem cell research and he already has, because there is hope, and he is God, and he is the Creator, and he can make it happen.  My complaint is against the deception.  We all need to bow our heads and pray.




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