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Give Me Liberty Or Give Me… Health Care?

The process is the only thing that separates us from other countries, like China and the countries of the former Soviet Union. President Obama, in an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News tried to lace over the process, stating that the American people didn’t really care about the process. He stated this in the ‘context of someone losing a home because of not having health care’. This is the second time he has made such a statement. He did the same at the Blair house meeting in a discussion with John McCain.
The supposition that the American people do not care about the process and care more about their money, or sustenance or financial well-being is, in the context of American History, an alarming supposition that ignores the bravery and courage that has created and sustained the United States of America. Indeed such statements as “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” (that one made by Patrick Henry), were made by real people who really risked their lives for this country and really risked or even lost their fortunes to ensure the Union.
A good study of the signers of the Declaration of Independence will reveal that many of these individuals ended up heavily in debt or penury from financing the efforts. Indeed, the Declaration itself, drafted largely by that anti-Federalist Thomas Jefferson, and aided by Adams and Franklin, concludes with the words, “…we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
To imply that American people do not care about the process, which is precisely what the president said twice, is to say that they do not care about the people who shed their blood continually for over two centuries to protect that process. It is to say that it was well and good that early Americans gave their fortunes for our freedom, but we don’t have to buy into that.
Maybe Mr. Obama subscribes to Tom Hanks’ Belief that the real reason we went to war in World War II was largely because we hated people who don’t look like us, and had nothing to do with the processes in play.

Back to the debt of the Revolution, Mr. Hamilton, the antithesis of Jefferson, believed strongly in an all-powerful central government, that could exercise the burdening of people with Federal debt at will. He persuaded President Washington to enact an excise tax on certain commodities, including Whiskey, to fund the War. In a heavy handed way, he felt that the Federal Government needed to exercise this control over the people. If Hamilton had continually had his way, life under the new United States government would not have been much different than life under the British Monarchy. Fortunately, people stood up. In part, they despised the process, and in part they resented the fact that their main medium of exchange at the time, whiskey and other goods, was being taxed. The heavy handedness of the strong Federal Government approach eventually gave way to a different policy when Thomas Jefferson’s Republican Party came into power. The whiskey tax was then repealed, Hamilton’s Federalists were ironically quashed, the people arrested in the whiskey rebellion were severally pardoned or acquitted, and the will of the people against a power grabbing Federal Government was made to be understood.

There will always be a few people who will cave in to a power hungry Central Government, or even be bought off like a cheap whore, with a quick ride in Air-Force One to make them change their vote. The process the Obama Administration is following to force something into law that does not have the support of the American people, is shameless and tawdry, but take heart, the American people do have a way of letting governments know, “We won’t be pushed around.” It’s interesting that European News Agencies like the BBC were very dismissive of Bret Baier’s relentlessness in his interview with regard to the process. This is largely because European and other U.K. peoples have been very dismissive of their own rights as citizens long ago. If the United States Government had tried to break into the offices of Fox News or CNN the way the British Government has broken into the BBC offices, and rifled through File Cabinets I believe that there would unquestionably have been angry outspoken assembly and , if I understand U.S. History, possibly ensuing bloodshed.
The BBC’s inability to comprehend the ‘significance of the process,’ is the hollow-eyed daftness of a penned-rabbit trying to understand why a wild rabbit wouldn’t rather just sit around and be fattened up with carrots on a plate. Indeed, European News Agencies have to be dismissive, even wanly smiling over what appears to be a loss of freedom for American Peoples. Hold that smile.

-copyright March 2010 by John P. Schumake



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