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Well, It’s Dinner Time…

As we enter into this time of Passover and the Easter Season, I think it is important to ponder what both of these events mean in terms of being freed from captivity, and staying free. It’s important to ponder that a very great and humble leader went to the mighty Pharoah, the mightiest ruler in the known world, to make an appeal for his people, for their preservation, and deliverance.
While we have the benefit of history, and we know the outcome, that Great Leader of the Jewish People did not. He did have one thing, though, something that was forged in adversity. He had faith. Travelling far and arriving at Pharoah’s abode he was received, for even though he was a humble man, his greatness was known and respected. Pharaoah eyed the leader and remarked, “And who are you to come before me?” The great and humble leader made his appeal, not fearing the power or might of Pharoah and how he could withhold food, money and blessing from the Jewish people, but knowing the power, might and providence of the Almighty God, he feared the outcome for anyone who would seek to oppress his people. He encountered a stubborn Pharoah, a Pharoah that did not like being humiliated.
After a series of appeals, and making his last earnest appeal to Pharoah he said essentially what is marvelous and will continue to be born out by History, that the Jewish people must obey God, and not man, and must adhere to the destiny that God ordains for them, and not man, and live dwell and travel where God ordains, and not man. Pharoah, in his anger said to the great leader, “Get thee hence! Thou shalt see my face no more! Incidentally, I am going to dinner and you and your companions are not invited. “
Just a little perspective.

A blessed Passover,
and thoughtful Easter Season to All.

-copyright March 2010 by Juan Zapatero



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