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Get your tee-shirts! BFD or NPD!

We all know what BFD stands for. The White House is selling the tee-shirts.
I’ll tell you what NPD is….

This has already been an interesting Passover and Easter week. Perhaps we are reminded more than ever to reflect on the understanding that the Almighty God delivered his people Israel from incredible odds. This understanding is particularly poignant when one considers the sad irony of this week’s events. I can’t get over the fact that at the beginning of Passover week President Obama not only didn’t invite Netanyahu to a Seder meal, but he didn’t even invite him to dinner while they were conferring in a room of the White House together with some of Netanyahu’s other people.
In a display of showing displeasure and anger at Netanyahu because of the embarrassment Biden underwent when he went to Israel and was surprised by the announcement that Israel would continue scheduled building projects (like Biden needs help being embarrassed), Obama announced to Netanyahu that he was going to have dinner with Michelle and the girls, and Netanyahu would be left there to think things over.
Okay, dad.

Interestingly, it was almost a year ago to this day that Obama bowed so low to the Prince of Saudi Arabia that he turned into a human jack-knife. If his policy with foreign leaders is to abstain from dining with them if they are not cooperating with us, then why did he, last Easter Passover Season bow before the Arab Prince and dine with him. Saudi Arabia has arguably been less cooperative than Israel, only helping us with lip service where terrorists are concerned ( Nineteen of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi’s) and continuing to fund Hamas and Hezbollah.) Yet he dined with the Saudi Prince, and allowed photo sessions, something he deliberately denied Netanyahu, again because of Israel’s resolve to continue building homes in Jerusalem.
No Passover Dinner.

I had read in the scriptures years ago how, at the end of days, all nations would be gathered against Israel. I found myself thinking, “never the United States! What day could have come to be that the United States would not serve to physically help Israel!” I couldn’t imagine it then. Now I can. This current Obama administration has been more acrimonious towards Israel than any I can recall. It is clear that Obama would like to embarrass Netanyahu and weaken him so as to get a more liberal power base enshrined in Israel. Netanyahu’s political opposition, in the person of Tzipi Livni and her Kadima party , would be willing to return Israel to pre 1967 Israeli borders. This would predate the 6 day war, another miracle where God marvelously delivered Israel against astounding odds, Syria, Egypt and Jordan all defeated and humiliated in their attempts to defeat Israel.

Maybe President Obama didn’t invite Netanyahu to dinner because he was afraid the Prime minister would club him with a leg of lamb. After all, Israeli warriors have been known to kill people with the jaw bone of an ass.
..and for our U.S. President to refuse to dine or allow photo ops with the Jewish leader a year after he had dined and bowed and photographed with the prince of the very people who downed our twin towers and killed 2000 plus people could make anyone take pause, including our loyal ally, Mr. Netanyahu…
Hmm, it’s possible…
Let’s see, where would he have gotten the jawbone of an ass?

-copyright April 2010 by Juan Zapatero

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