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Let’s Be Honest

With the Country Music Stars giving Thanks to God during the dispensing of the awards, there is some concern that they will be added to Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security watch list of potential terrorists, along with Pro-Life Catholics, and Veterans of the Iraq and Afghan Wars.
There is no doubt that Janet Napolitano has recently been avoiding engagement in the tea-party bashing, despite the prodding of several left-Wing News organizations. I have watched her, even somewhat gracefully indicate that the previous disparaging statements of the homeland security department were unfortunate. She even conceded, that the protests of the tea partiers was, in fact, quite historically American, (she evidently just recently read) as was all verbal dissent. Still, quite a lot of time and attention was given this week to the notion of anti-government right – wing extremists waiting to emerge again as McVey did 15 years ago, while the War we are currently involved in, with a Muslim extremist having so very recently rampaged on a military base, killing 13 people and injuring 30 went virtually unmentioned. This is the current terrorism we face.
This was all done and said, of course as tea-partiers are getting into high gear, Country stars are , thank God, thanking God, Democrats who claim that they are unprejudiced (I’ve got news for you) are bristling, Sarah Palin is coming to Chicago, and comedians like John Stewart, are letting the venom spill into their comedy, becoming obsessed, much as David Letterman did with Sarah Palin, with… Bernie Goldberg.
All the while, Nancy Pelosi is shivering in a corner so scared about the angry language she hears coming from the people who are exercising their right to assemble, and it reminds her of the 1960’s.

Well, Nancy, those people in the 60’s were on the left, the people you now sit next to in Congress, finally having come down….(There’s you’re answer, Elton, 2010.) So you should have no objection to the sorts of assembly and protests that shape America. There’s nothing more American, and this time it’s the right’s turn. So far, the right has taken their turn in a far more peaceful manner than the left did. There’s been no dumping over of police cars, smashing of windows on government buildings, burning of government documents, or assassinations of rock stars and government leaders.
Now I said, “I’ve got news for you,” regarding the Democrats claim of being unprejudiced, and they have attempted the additional claim that the tea-partiers are a huge, swarming bigotted bunch. Have you ever taken a look at the panorama of tea-partiers, or watched the interviews, or seen still snapshots? It is undeniable that there is considerable participation by people of Hispanic origins. This is certainly a good thing. This seems to have gone unnoticed by the left. This pretty much debunks the idea that the tea-partiers as a group are prejudiced, because prejudice people who harbor such feelings against one-minority usually harbor it against another. Prejudice is a sort of tribalistic response that seeks to put one’s own race far above all others, no matter who they are, and it makes no exceptions. This clarifies the fact that the participation in the tea-parties is pretty much at-will, and undiscouraged by any groups. The fact that not many black people have yet gotten on board is similar to the realization that not many black Churches have yet gotten on board with the pro-life message, while many white Churches have. This is not a criticism. Blacks were fed for so many years the lies and blandishments that in order to succeed they needed to have the option to abort, just like they were fed many other mythological notions by liberals, such as, they really needed the hand-outs the Democrats were willing to guarantee if they were in power. This is just a form of Big-Deal oppression.
Nothing could be further form the truth than the liberal lie which sought to hobble African Americans for years. Black married couples who are working professionals are paid almost exactly the same as their white counterparts. However, there is the greater point that we miss as Church going people, “Isn’t God greater than All?” I mean, doesn’t he have the power to mitigate economic circumstances? If we expect to get blessed by him, don’t we have to, as Churches of people have respect for the sanctity of the unborn?
Isn’t the insistence that a group needs to retain the right to abort in the event that it becomes really economically expedient a denial of God’s greater power to Overcome?
Okay, just for the record, I made comments here about Blacks, Mexicans, Jewish comedians, country singers and tea partiers. I love them all. I don’t hate anyone. Just trying to be honest.
Let’s all, just try to be honest. It’s the only way we are going to help each other and make things better.

-Copyright April 24, 2010 by Juan Zapatero


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