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Sad New World

I’m trying to figure out if the man left to die on the streets of New York, or Congress’ recent forecasting of its own devices to essentially be able to take over any and all companies that are deemed ‘too big too fail’ is the week’s worse indicator of where our democracy is headed.
I listened to ‘experts’ proffer reasons as to why the man in the subway was left to die, as people walked by. One individual even rolled him over and then left him. I don’t buy the rationale that people are somehow psychologically incapable of helping, that we all view ourselves as the sort of person who would like to help, but when the circumstance arises we are ‘repulsed’, temporarily internalizing what has happened to the individual we need to move quickly to externalize it and push the wounded individual away. Bullcrap. Psycho-babble.

When I used to live in Roger’s Park in Chicago I saw 2 individuals fighting and the one individual was just using the other person’s face as a punching bag. I looked closely and realized the person getting beat up was a woman. I yelled out loud, tried to attract the attention of other people standing nearby, and then I ran over to where the crime was occurring; some other people started to follow me. Seeing the approaching group of people, the man stopped punching the woman. I didn’t jump on him. Perhaps I should have, but I did succeed in stopping the assault, and the police were called. Realizing this, the man took off and began running down the street, I began to follow him, but he veered into a narrow gangway between two buildings leading to an alley, and I know that following him would be stupid.
My point is, that people do have it in their hearts to help, even people who have lived in dangerous parts of violent cities. So what has happened? I can tell you what I believe. This is just another symptom of this national move towards de-individuation, ‘the nanny state.’: ‘It’s the government’s job to come help this man.’ ‘It’s not my job.’ ‘Some policeman or some public worker needs to attend to this.’ The entire philosophy of the Obama movement towards the government as conservator, nanny and health-care provider, is that everything that used to be the domain of the ‘conscience’ becomes the domain of the state. Just the other day, President Obama, on the Obama show made a comment that some people make too much money, that there is a point to where one can make too much money. Now I have to ask, ‘What, precisely, is too much?’ When is it that you decide for me what is exactly the cap on what I can make? So, the government will decide to take my ‘surplus’ (This is in theory; I don’t have a surplus) and will decide what ‘worthy cause ‘ it will go to?
Did Jesus say, ‘Give to Caesar so Caeser can give to the poor?’ No. If you listen to a timeless parable, the parable of the Good Samaritan, the onus is on the individual to help, not on the state. In the parable of the good Samaritan, two tax paying individuals walked right by, and one individual stopped to physically help. The more we move towards the state becoming the all-powerful orb that will meet out protection, care and health, the more we will slip into a lawless state where people abnegate any sense of personal responsibility.
I will note at this juncture that the incident occurred in a part of the United States where people voted strongly to support the Democrats in the election. I’m not saying democrats are bad people, I’m just saying that the brainwashing, ‘This is the state’s job,’ ‘this is not my job’ has been initiated with the party loyalists, and is leaking outwards like an oil spill.
About twenty plus years ago, while riding the L-train in Chicago, my cousin saw a man who was bleeding, and it turns out, had been shot. She got him off the train and to a care unit; I forget if it was a hospital or trauma center. People do care, or at least they used to. What’s happening to us? Huxley was right.

-copyright May 01, 20100 by Juan Zapatero

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