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Photographs Don’t Lie

I found myself wondering why, when the economy was actually in a recovery mode the Obama – Pelosi Administration has headed at a breakneck speed towards reversing the gains the economy in general and Wall-Street in particular had begun making even as far back as October of 2008. My original analysis of this began with many forays into looking at items like recent history of the market, analyzing trends of countless stocks, reading old Wall-Street Journal articles (I could wallpaper my House with them). Then it occurred to me, that word, “Break-Neck, Breakneck.”  I kept saying that over and over until it started sounding like ‘Bite-Neck’, ‘Bite Neck.’ (Try it yourself a hundred times).
That was the key. I began looking at numerous photos of Obama, Pelosi, and other liberal influential politicians, like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.  I paid special attention to…  their teeth. My heavens, that was it! I could see that they all had extremely large teeth, so large that they could be, yes, they could be actually false ‘overteeth’.   Teeth designed to slip over and conceal, you guessed it, very large and insidious and tell-tale, blood-sucking canines. That was it. I knew that I was on to something.
It was just too strange that all of Congress, yeh the media, and even people who avidly supported Old-Time favorites like Hillary Clinton seemed to be standing there in lock-step, chanting in monotone, Barack Obama, mmmm, mmmm,mmmm. Then I got the idea, to listen to recordings, ones from the campaign and even before, recordings of Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, ad after many hours, I found it. People who were on the IN, people cozy with the Obama administration pronounced his name differently than people on the outside, people who didn’t seem to have that special understanding.
You have to listen real closely, but if you have some really sophisticated equipment and a lot of patience, you can hear various individuals refer to the president as Barracula. Try it yourself. Oh you’re still trying to say Break Neck and Make it sound like, Bite Neck. Well, you may have to do that one a thousand times. It took me a while.
Okay, back to the important stuff. I went further with the sound recordings. I wanted to hear how Barrack himself, and other individuals friendly with Nancy Pelosi referred to her. Again, same rules, you need some really pricey equipment and lots of patience, but if you sit real quietly, and drink lots of coffee so you can stay up late, you will actually hear the real pronunciation of Nancy Pelosi’s last name which is… Now this is chilling… Not Pelosi, but Legosi. If that doesn’t make your heart stop.
With Dick Durbin, the technique is a little different. Just picture him with an abbot’s frock on looking something like Uncle Fester. Certainly he’s a part of that cadre.
Now, this raises a real important question. Why? Why if all of these (dare I say it) vampires… yes vampires… No
not Nazi’s (though some Nazi’s may have been vampires) but real sort of live vampires, why if they are all confederate with one another, and part of a growing league of non-individual monotone supporters, why? Why? Did they choose to throw Blagojevich over. Why is he taking the fall. Why didn’t the Illinois Senate use their traditional; Chicago style politics to don the shades, “I DUNNO, I DIDN’T SEE NOTHIN’” AND LET Blagojevich go. But no . There was this rush to justice. Isn’t that a little strange for Chicago style politicians. (I mean Chicago is the murder capital of all United States large cites. There’s been no rush to justice or order. Unlike New York, which under Giuliani cleaned up their murder mess, Chicago politicians don’t have the will to do the politically incorrect things that Giuliani did, not unlike the politically incorrect things the Arizona legislature is now doing) to clean up his city.
Okay, yes, vampires love murder capitals along with: drain the economy, suck the life out of it, don’t restore any order in the inner cities or at the border, point the finger at everyone else, and keep the blood coming with all sorts of good talk and bad policies.
But why did they throw Blagojevich over, and again I found myself back to looking at old pictures. This time it was a no-brainer. I should have realized it without the pictures. You probably did. It’s because, Blagojevich isn’t a vampire! He’s a werewolf. Look at the pictures! Could anything be more obvious! And everyone knows, vampires don’t really like werewolves, their less sophisticated ways*. Oh, they’ll team up with them to accomplish their nefarious deeds, but when that’s over, “six, two and even, we’re selling you out Blago.”
There’s really more to all of this, and I’ll be candid, it gets scary. I’m not going to lay it all out now, but here’s a little preview: All of the ultra-liberal Democrats either live near, were born and raised at, or conduct their major business near large bodies of water. Obama, and his entire life, starting with Hawaii; Pelosi and California. Admittedly, Reid hasn’t been anywhere near water in Nevada, but that would explain why he’s a dried out old vampire, and Durbin – Lake Michigan!
Now, you see where I’m, going with this water thing, and I won’t talk about it right at the moment, we’ll pick up with this as we see indicative turns in the economy and the job market that are pertinent to the topic. For now, just keep it under your hat.

*There seems to be some indication that some of the tapes Blago wants played at the trial will actually be squelched, and I can’t say this for certain, but it’s rumored that there are actually tapes wherein Blago very sarcastically refers to President Obama, not as Mr. President, but , “Mister Press-a-denture” followed by a nervous laugh. This hasn’t been confirmed.

Copyright May 2010 by Juan Zapatero



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