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Sweep, or Vacuum if You Must

The Buddhists have a philosophy: “Sweep your own corner of the world clean.” The marvelous simplicity totally eludes us lately in our country, the United States. It eludes the giant manufacturers who, eyeing the potential sales markets in China invested huge amounts of capital in factories in that part of the world. They were lured by potential sales, not considering the potential North American Continental stabilizing factors that would have been in play if they had situated those factories, say in Mexico. There was not a larger picture of what could serve to bring some cohesiveness and continuity to our continent. Of course, that’s not their job.
The savings in management and diminution of border crossing poverty driven crimes could have been considerable.
Equally blind to our national and greater continental infrastructure frailties, Obama, when he was still a senator, was campaigning to become president of the world before he had even become president of the United States. Today, the sad reality of oil-spills, contamination of Gulf coastal regions, North Korea, brazen and unafraid of this gentle touchy-feely, ‘let’s all hold hands and teach the world to sing…’ administration, is flexing its muscles against South Korea, and, by proxy, the United States.
Hillary Clinton, unlike her predecessor Condoleezza Rice, who looked refreshed, inspired and exhilarated with every diplomatic venture, every meeting with her own counterparts in foreign countries, is looking disheveled and unconfident. One wonders, if her husband Bill isn’t taking the fall for some of the Obama Administrations blunders, i.e., Sestak and some felonious job offers (Didn’t Bill and Hillary end up with some debt after the campaign that Obama and the Democratic party was able to some how ‘clear up?’ I’m musing. Help me remember the facts here…’ ‘Was it eight million dollars?’ Maybe there was more debt than we thought…) At any rate, Hillary’s haggard, less than inspired look is becoming the face that the Obama Administration is putting on for the rest of the world.
If you do sweep your own corner of the world clean: fix your bridges, repair your roads instead of giving 300 million dollars of the stimulus money to Hollywood Producers for incentive film, repair your own education system, invest in your own military, and pay attention to the issues of your own continent, instead of ignoring them until desperate states like Arizona have to pass their own border laws, or desperate governors like Bobby Jindal have to figure out their own means of preventing oil from destroying beaches and wetlands while the Federal Government does ‘studies’ – if you do these things, then… you will be a world leader.
It will be automatic. But if you keep situating yourself defensively to point the finger instead of truly assuming a responsible role, “It’s B.P.’s fault! B.P. did it!. It’s Bush’s fault. Bush did it! He’s still doin it! Ooooooh Loook at that thing they are doin’ in Arizo… Na!. Look… look… look! Mmmmmmm. mmmm.
If instead of taking a leadership approach, which would obviate the defensive response, one cowers and hopes it will all go away, one keeps trying to focus everyone’s attention on Global Initiatives, one will crumble like another Global Giant that lost grip of the local needs and details.

Incidentally, after all of these years and all of the oil spills, “Doesn’t anyone possess a tanker that is capable of vacuuming up oily water, and then is able to begin sending the cleaner, separated water back out to the sea? I mean, oil and water separate themselves. The oil can be graduated to higher tanks in the tankers, and the heavier water can be separated to lower tanks, then, perhaps, detergents can be applied internally, instead of on the surface of the sea. You would almost think something like this should have existed for years. If there is a reason that this can’t be done, someone please enlighten me.
On that same note, if anyone knows why our chief executive in the entire land didn’t recommend or suggest the idea of the ad-hoc implementation of such a device if one doesn’t exist, or the mandate, “Get Those Out There, Now!” if they do in fact exist, please enlighten me further.

-Copyright June 2010 by Juan Zapatero


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