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Bowing Before Oil

Almost exactly one year after President Obama inclined himself respectfully before the Saudi King Abdullah on April 1st of 2009, the Deep Sea Horizon oil tragedy occurred, with the ensuing spill. It’s ironic that the leader of the free world greets, bows and dines with the emblems of oil and the sponsors of Hamas style terror, the nation that gave birth to 19 of our 911 attackers, and ends up having to bow to the terror of oil bringing dearth all over the gulf. This came almost one month after the president left Benjamin Netanyahu alone in a room, ‘To think about things’ at the beginning of Passover, while he himself said that he was going to dine with Michelle and the girls. There’s a scripture in the Old Testament that says, “Thou wilt bless those that bless them (the Jews) and curse those that curse them.” …and “If my people will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land.”
There are some things too big for scientists and CEO’s Some things, you have to go to God for.

A question was posed on this site several weeks ago which I will paraphrase, “After all this time, has no one developed a tanker which vacuums up oil in the water, allows it to separate from the water (oil will naturally separate from water) and then pumps the water back out, minus the bulk of the oil?” The tenor of the question was essentially, “If we have such things, why isn’t Obama calling for the use of them, and if we don’t have such things, then why not?”
Well, it has become clear over the past week or so that these Vacuum tankers do exist, they are called skimmers, the Dutch have developed them to deal with just such disasters. (The company that owns the rig that blew up in the Gulf is a Dutch Company). The Dutch offered the use of 4 of these skimmers. The offer was made to the United States Government as early as three days after the oil spill. Evidently we refused. The tankers were capable of each sucking up 36,500 barrels a day, which, collectively amounts to 144,000 barrels a day, which far outstrips the highest end estimates of what is currently leaking into the Gulf. Apparently, he reason the Obama administration refused has something to do with some legislation known as the Jones ACT. The Jones ACT provides that ships operating within certain ranges of our shoreline, and not just simply moving from a foreign port to a U.S. port must be a United States flagship. Apparently in order for the United States to have accepted the offer to use the Norwegian Vessels Jones Waivers may have to have been requested.
Now let me understand something: We have what amounts to a marine holocaust. Sperm whales are reported to be dying. They have the largest brain of anything on the planet. Turtles are dying, pelicans are dying and those that aren’t are slogging around covered in oil; and our United States President, 60 days after the crisis didn’t have the authority, or couldn’t persuade a completely Democrat controlled Senate, or a completely Democrat controlled house to waive the Jones Act in favor of saving the wildlife, saving the Gulf and saving the fishing industry.
While the President of the United States is posturing for suing the BP corporation, I wonder if the rest of the world which will be damaged by our deliberate neglect of this will be posturing to sue us for letting a crises grow out of hand, which apparently, could have been mitigated.
The entire reason that oil companies have been pushed into doing offshore deep sea drilling is because environmentalist concerns and actions have made it almost impossible for them to operate new ventures in many places on land, both in the United States and Europe. It is noteworthy that this horrendous spill would have been a quick fix on land. It’s also noteworthy that Bill Clinton signed the deep sea drilling permissions and provisos into law during his administration, largely due to pressure resulting from environmentalists. I’m not trying to blame Bill Clinton at all. Rather, I have a question we all should be asking: What gives us the right, environmentalists and venture capitalists in tow, to push our potential environmental nightmares off to the sea, to foist them upon the intelligent marine life there, the porpoises, the dolphins, the sea lions and whales, and the not so intelligent life as well, like the algae that makes our oxygen. What gives us that right?
I’m wondering if the dolphins or sea-lions, weren’t gazing at President Obama, walking along that Louisiana beach, and thinking, “ You refused those giant vacuum ships offered by the Netherlands so you could abide by the Jones Act? You rammed a 1200 page Health Care package down Congress’s throat and didn’t have any problem getting that past the howls and screams of the minority in the House and the Senate who said it was unconstitutional! You jammed a thousand page stimulus bill down the Senate’s and the Houses gullet, and didn’t even give the minority party the opportunity to present the minority viewpoint, or to even have more than 2 days to read the bill before the vote was called… and sixty – plus days after the oil spill you were stammering over the Jones ACT? So while the Congress and the President were busy Jonesing so they could have another good crisis not to let go to waste, ala Rham Emanuel, we have been out in this defiled sea dying? “
They may be thinking that. Dolphins and whales are very intelligent, and very mad, and if you think about the message that they would like to send the Democratic Congress and Senate and the Administration for the moral turpitude of participating in this marine holocaust, it just might give new meaning to the name, ‘Flipper’.



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