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Roll Out the Barrel

Freedom is under attack.

In just a few short years we have watched as publicly traded car industries have been nationalized,
banks have been held entirely responsible for a mortgage crisis that was, in large part caused by the irresponsible persuasions of House and Senate Financial Oversite Bodies who not only didn’t stop the irresponsible lending to unqualified parties but actually encouraged and promulgated it;

we have watched as
Individuals who are returning from tours of duty in the military and people who are active in Pro-life groups are flagged by our Homeland Security department, according to their own statements as Potentially dangerous;

we have watched
as The Fairness Doctrine was presented as a bill with both state and federal versions that liberal groups are trying to foist upon the country, which would force Conservative T.V and radio talk shows to provide equal time for Liberal Points of view, yet, interestingly, there is no similar doctrine proposed to force the many liberal newspapers to balance their point of view with equal length and visibility coverage in the newspapers with a contrary viewpoint, not that that would even be a good idea.

We watched as the proposed State and Federal FOCA bills were presented and, if passed would not only force all tax-payers to pay for abortions, but it would essentially provide for the construction of the clinics on the tax payers nickel, which would do this. This would render meaningless any alleged caveats against Federal Funding of abortion in the new and invasive Health Care Act.

We watched as the Federal Government ignored the pleas of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to provide sand berms and boom to keep back the oil spill from Louisiana’s marshes and shores.
We watched as the Federal Government refused for over 40 days the offer of the Netherlands to provide us 4 ships each capable of vacuuming up 35,000 barrels a day of oil to help mitigate the problem. Why?
Evidently so the Administration, alla Rham Emanuel’s statement of never wasting a good crisis, could take advantage of this crisis in order to try to pass their cap and trade agenda.

We watched as the Federal Government refused to provide sufficient personnel to secure the borders.
There are many people who say that illegal aliens only perform jobs that we do not want to do. This is not true. For many years the trades were a bastion of hope for young men who didn’t want to go to college, but wanted to be gainfully employed in a productive career. Today, the trades, particularly in the metropolis sectors of the country, have been completely overwhelmed by illegal aliens, and no longer provide the hopeful option of employment and learning that they once did for young American citizens.

Yet the Obama administration pretends to be friendly to the trades.

We watched as people who intimidated voters during the presidential elections, large and menacing at polling places, striking batons and clubs against their hands, were let off of any charges by the Federal Government, all legal action against them dismissed.

We watched as President Obama expanded the role of the faith based initiative to include neighborhood activist groups, groups like Acorn, groups like those who stood at the polling places brandishing the clubs, groups who finally, once exposed for their many unconscionable acts, had to be removed from the Federal doles due to their shameless abuse of the system.

We watched as the economy, straining under the weight of a Federal deficit that was quadrupled in just the last 18 months, gave up more and more jobs.
We watched, as an administration, unfriendly to business, opened its mouth with threats of controls, lawsuits, fines, regulations and taxes, drove a hopeful and rallying stock market down into that area the market hates, doubt and uncertainty, and bringing with it the jobs we badly needed created.

We lost, in part, the freedom to fish the Gulf,
the freedom to provide well for our families,
the freedom to serve in the military without becoming a suspect of our own government,
the freedom to belong to organizations that gather money for pregnant mothers who have chosen life, without becoming similarly suspect,
the freedom to show up at a poll without fear of having someone brandish a baton at us,
the freedom not to pay for the mechanisms that will ultimately provide for abortions,
the freedom not to be taken over by the Federal Government if we appear to be failing (apparently true of both corporations and individuals).

We risk losing, the freedom not to pay for something we may consider to be murder,
the freedom of speech and expression, without which
no other freedom can exist.

People who do not care about these freedoms, or are actually happy about the Leftist direction tend to be dismissive of words like these.

What would Thomas Jefferson think, who felt that the Federal Government should keep its hands out of all aspects of American life, with the sole exception of providing us a military to protect us.

What would James Madison think, who authored most of our constitution, and expressed so well those quintessential checks and balances that were designed to help keep one party or group from oppressing another.

What would George Washington think, who refused to be called King.


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