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What Does He Feed Off Of?

Could it be that there is actually a solution, or at least a workable set of solutions to the border issue between the United States and Mexico that has gone completely untapped?
With the ‘dog in the manger’ disposition that the Obama administration has taken with the Arizona immigration law issue, is it possible that something has been completely overlooked, or perhaps avoided for political expediency? Of course there is. It’s important for us to realize that a President is elected for his leadership ability, his ability to be able to enact in a variety of situations (I stole that definition from an old Stanford-Bennet definition of Intelligence Quotient, but it should work). Is there a Creative solution? If there is, why are we not getting it?
The answer requires a little bit of an historical real-estate lesson. It is a little known fact among the general populace, that Mexico, has a very constrictive policy towards ownership of land, or even leasehold estates by foreign interests. It is one of the reasons major corporations have avoided, or limited the construction of facilities in Mexico. While willing to brave potentially oppressive state governments in places like China, even willing to risk the dangers of the very invasive police actions in a place like China, corporations are still willing to locate operations there, and it’s not simply because of the cheap labor force, as that is rapidly being consumed in China, and will soon not be so readily available. There’s a cheap labor force in Mexico, as well. It is because the future hopes and investments in China have some durability.
The problem related to Mexico’s lack of advancement really lies partially, in a very stubborn position by Mexico not to offer any assurances that can provide for some of the long-range durability of factories and facilities coupled with the appropriate assurance of markets and workforce. All of this is possible in Mexico. The mix, of Course, would be different than China’s. Mexico would have to offer up more by way of ownership, at least, of leasehold estates, because they cannot currently offer up much by way of a growing economy. (However, part of the original recognition of China’s potential growth was simply a business awareness of the growing population, the expanding consumer market.) An even more creative solution where our southern neighbor is concerned, however, that could help mitigate the entire border problem is this: Dual Citizenship, not just for Mexicans who want to become U.S. citizens, but for U.S. citizens that would like to become Mexican citizens.

‘Why would anyone ever want to do that?’ you might ask. Well, for the same reason that venture capitalists from the U.S. and other countries are willing to locate and do business in China or other Asian markets. That’ s one reason. Another reason is, Mexico is beautiful! It’s a beautiful place to build a home, or a vacation spot, or a domicile where one can work. Mexico, however, has been dogged about protecting and constricting the ownership or use of property in Mexico, yet they have no problem with, and seem to feel completely entitled to exploit the developed resources of the United States. We are at a juncture where an American Government could push the issue basically with, ‘You’ve got something we want, and we’ve got something you want,’ ‘Let’s trade’. The trade, or the arrangement of allowing dual citizenships for those who have lawfully applied, or the potential of extending leasehold rights to U.S. companies and citizens would go a long way towards providing stability in the relationship, increased investment in Mexico, diminution of the sort of crime that flourishes under oppressed economic conditions, and a new hope for Mexican Nationals.
Why doesn’t the Obama administration do the obvious and say to Mexico, ‘Look, clearly I am willing to allow aliens to work in the United States, but you have to give something as well. You have to allow American corporations to have leasehold estates, some ownership rights to assure durable and long-lasting relationships.’ Why doesn’t Obama do this? Why does’t he make this trade? He’s certainly been willing to trade some of our own privacy and security rights, even compromising our own Federal Privacy Act by ceding to Mexico extensive private infomation on American citizens, ala CIFTA. (Not sure what he traded it for? some shiny turquoise beads maybe?)
Evidently it’s easier to look like the hero of an oppressed race, ‘The One’, than to come up with a real solution.” Real solutions are kind of boring.

So, “What’s a dog in the manger?”
The dog in the manger doesn’t want to eat out of the manger, but he won’t let anyone else eat. He just sits there and growls, baring his teeth at any entity that ventures close.

Copyright July 17, 2010 by Juan Zapatero and John P. Schumake

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