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I was amused by the clever ploy of the Obama Administration to be willing to sabotage their own proposed extension of the unemployment benefits just to make Republicans look bad. Republicans in Congress agreed provisionally to extension of the benefits providing the Obama administration would pay for them out of the existing stimulus. Obama wanted to incur new debt, and, of course, characterized the Republicans as not wanting to help the unemployed, at all – no, not a bit, and he shook his finger to prove it. The sad irony is that it would have actually been the Obama Administration and the Congressional Democrats refusal to use existing funds for the Benefit Extension that would have resulted in the denial of benefits for the unemployed. The gain for the Democrats? It’s purely political.

This brings up an important issue of ‘Cross-Purposes’ as it relates to what the administration should do to help the country and what is politically expedient. Take this ‘Energy’ example as it pertains to the average home energy user. What would unquestionably help to reduce the strain on Coal producing Energy Plants, and also reduce the potential of total electrical brown-outs during High Usage Periods would be an incentive for home owners to invest in Natural Gas Generators to Power their Houses in the event of an energy outage. This would help on many levels. It would reduce the necessity for immediate emergency response that overwhelms first responders, because many people relying on electrical equipment for life assistance would be covered. It would reduce the impact of power outages on areas that have been hit by storms resulting in interrupted electrical service. It would provide a balance to the electrical load, especially if there were an incentive for individuals to schedule the natural gas generators to run periodically during peek usage times and periods. Particularly interesting are the new micro-CHP mini-power plants.

After a lengthy search I have found no such incentives.

Unfortunately, a failure of the Utility Grid suits the government Share-Bears just fine, because it opens the same sort of door that the failure of auto industries opened for the far-left leaning current administration. It opens a door to an even more vast expanse of utilities control and revenue than one could even dream of , dwarfing the government take over of large portions of the auto-industry. The United State’s citizen’s (or should I say ‘home-dweller’s) reliance on energy for the home and workplace goes well beyond our need for new automobiles.

The best thing the government could do, if they were truly interested in reducing coal burning, without hurting any of the energy companies that are heavily invested in coal (who also happen to be invested in Natural gas) would be to provide extremely attractive and well-advertised incentives for a shift towards energy independence.
If such an initiative to change the home and business use of energy were initiated, there would not even be the need for a Cap and Trade law. Hmmmmm…..

Now, there’s what an Administration says, and then, there’s what an administration does. Actions speak much louder than words.

-Copyright July 24,2010 by Juan Zapatero


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