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Dropping the Big Ball, or From Ventures to Dentures

There’s an old story, which I heard down in Mexico, and I am told is true, about a man who daily rode a bike across the border from Mexico into the U.S., and then at night went back, and everyone suspected him of selling some sort of illegal contraband, probably because he always had money. The guards at the crossing always checked him, and they too seemed convinced that he was somehow smuggling something into the United States, but no one could figure it out. Finally, either because the economics of his little venture changed, or simply because an intelligent person figured the caper out, he was busted. It turns out that the contraband he was transporting was the bicycle he rode across the border daily. No one noticed that in the evening he was on foot. The bicycles, at the time, were on the list of items not allowed to be sold across the border.

The drug problem in the United States has gotten completely out of control. It is the worst it has ever been, involving people on all levels. Drug related deaths and injuries range from the drug-fueled gangland killings on the street to the person who drives his car in the wrong direction on the expressway, under the influence, and kills a car full of other drivers.
People who survive death, but are active participants in the drug nightmare generally become unable to be productive members of society. The man/hours of productivity lost in this country, due to addictions are a weakening factor in our economy. The drain on the health care system, the lives destroyed and the crimes committed make drugs the single most damaging element in our society. More people are killed yearly in drug related incidents than any wars we have been involved in over the past 40 years.

It should be the WAR. I would never venture to say that the Arizona Immigration Law is any sort of a panacea to stop the drug traffic. It’s not. I will say, however, that the Obama Administration has totally and completely dropped the ball on the most critical, dangerous and damaging war in our history. If the Obama Administration had made fighting drug use, stopping its importation, educating the youth, defeating the smugglers on the Federal level at the point of origin the priority, the Arizona border law would never have been considered.

Instead, the Administration has focused so much on the outcroppings of the drug problem, ‘people with drug addictions who need stimulus money for sanitation reasons, or people unemployed and on drugs who need healthcare. These are noble and necessary things, but they completely fail to address the point of origin in this plan. Drug use and traffic has escalated beyond being track-able. It has been historically part of many transactions that fund terrorists. Supposedly, every single dollar bill that has been in circulation for a year, if you look at it closely under a microscope has drug traces on it.

Unlike the last three Presidents who went before him, who were the first to appoint drug czars and implement new or expanded programs to fight the problem (though they too fell short), there has been little or no mention of any effort by the Obama Administration to aggressively attack and wage war against the must fundamental and core problem that we have and to make it a targeted priority. There doesn’t even seem to be an initiative to recognize that it is a major problem. I have searched and found no documentation since he took office that any such pronouncements have passed through his teeth or across Speaker Pelosi’s dentures. (Side-thought: How do you make dentures for vampires… Is plumbing involved?)
Oh, sorry, I used the word, ‘War’.

It’s possible that I have mis-remembered the story, and therefore mistakenly misspoke: It’s possible that the bicycles were made in the United States, and sold into Mexico, which would mean that the man was walking across the border in the morning and riding back at night.

Copyright July 31, 2010 by Juan Zapatero



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