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It Is the Best of Times, It Is the Worst of Times

There have been very many different revolutions: The American Revolution, the Industrial revolution, the Technological revolution, the French revolution, the Russian revolution. If there were going to be another revolution in the United States what would it be? Revolutions tend to try to move you away from what isn’t working, from that which is a sort of constrictive or oppressive force. Not all Revolutions are beneficial. The Russian Revolution moved a great people from the oppression of an aristocracy to the oppression of a bureaucracy.

Picture a world where, if a thief comes to your place of business an electronic eye locks on her (the criminal) immediately, and a vertex of laser beams focused on her chest becomes immediately visible. She (the criminal), can see the beams change configuration as she is moving. Will she be shot? Will she just be recorded by a security camera? The crime is no longer secret. The element of surprise has been turned around. Picture a world where no one tries to be politically correct. In this world everyone is initiated into society by a method practiced since ancient times: Creators of children’s cartoons caricature each and every individual from each and every nationality and race in ways that exaggerate the accents, features, traditions of that particular race or nationality. Few people are offended, most laugh.
Picture a world where gun laws have become irrelevant, because weaponry is daily being developed that isn’t even addressed by the laws, weaponry like auto-responsive clothing that is able to address only the attacker with sharp invisible, yet painful barbs, or intense flashes of light momentarily disable the perpetrator of a forced entry.
Picture a world where smaller social institutions, and inter-corporate affiliations, even guilds, if you will, become the defender of those abused by a drug infested gangs, because the large, lumbering government has become a slow and overstuffed dinosaur that is ready to collapse under its own weight. It’s unable (or unwilling) to respond to issues of drug-lords creating an escalating terror. The weighty dinosaur has too many directions to watch, too many mouths to feed, too many internal parasites, too large of a surface area to keep cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Are we there yet?
Maybe this isn’t a good revolution.
Maybe the abortion issue becomes somewhat irrelevant because people begin utilizing new technologies to freeze embryos at every stage of development. Still very wrong in the eyes of the church and many people, the skittishness of people to bring children into an uncertain economy, impels them to freeze their little conceptions. The Western World experiences a new crisis, alarmingly dwindling populations. Economic times have always been uncertain. Technologies are new. Or, perhaps, the abortion issue finally helps to ignite an already great divide filled with nothing but the fuel of their intense disagreements. Issues mount on both sides, like kindling heaped and tottering near an already blazing oven.

People become learned and brilliant in areas of great specificity, and sadly ignorant in areas of general understanding and knowledge that help them appreciate the issues that their counterparts or neighbors are concerned with.
The government has refused to govern. Guilds set up the virtual, electronic and social blockades against drug runners and gangs.
The Internet is filled with people selling body parts, even body parts of infants at large. The government has refused to govern. It only taxes. The guilds seek new and creative ways to avoid the taxes,
The government seeks to absorb, to commandeer the guilds. Pieces of kindling, heaped high begin to topple.
The government doesn’t know how to govern.
It just knows how to eat and grow.
Who will restore hope and order? Thomas Jefferson? Eli Whitney? Andrew Carnegie perhaps, or maybe…
Madame DeFarge.

Copyright August 15th 2010 By Juan Zapatero


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