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The Catacombs

In an attempt to understand what happened to American Society in 2012, archeologists sifted through the graffiti left by programmers inside of their source code. They looked inside of ancient databases of social websites, some of which were still retrievable by resurrecting the great 3-Phi digital interpolator, sort of the Rosetta stone of early digital life and times in the now long receded 21st century. It was known that society had arrived at the peak, or perhaps nadir of a great battle, if you will, between conservative and liberal elements. It had long been thought that the final trending towards women wearing long heavy garments, people being stoned for adultery, and the mandatory large family had something to do with a victory of the Conservative group coupled with a startling population decline due to viruses and internal strife, but the newest and most thorough of the archeological discoveries were about to reveal otherwise.
As engineers began to peer into the great recorded digital past, they began to make a startling discovery, a discovery that had long been masked because of the thorough expunging of any physical documentation or physical traces of that previous society. It was not, in fact, a victory of Conservatives over Liberals, but quite the reverse. A great victory of the liberal groups tended society towards an open unchallenged acceptance of physical and social enclaves of very radical religious groups in an attempt at appeasement. It was a blandishment. It was for the hope of capturing a voting block. The voting block ended up capturing them. In an ostensible show at freedom, a freedom they (the Liberal elements) would never have equally accorded the traditional Conservative Christian elements of society, they appeared to welcome even more Stringent groups in an attempt to bolster voting blocks and garner support from new groups. It wasn’t long, though, before the Liberal group’s attempt at ingesting new ethnic groups produced the alarming result of their having been digested from the inside out.
Traces of this reality appeared scrawled on the insides of code and old digital communications, the identities and allegiances of the authors varying. One sad and alarming truth emerged, however. Members of the extremely stringent religious groups who had wandered to the Americas in an effort to acquire distance and freedom from the older ways were actually chagrinned to find that the Conservatives, whom they were quietly rooting for, did not seem to win out over the liberals. It was in this seeming defeat, (and they saw it coming) that they found themselves engulfed in the very past they had fled.
There was one significant difference, however: the underground. Like Christians hiding in catacombs of the early and now ancient days of Christianity there was a social, physical, spiritual, and oddly, even a mental underground, with a distinct power (and it was a power). The power was not military or anything that could be passed by means of tools, weapons or mechanisms. It was a personal power shared in groups, a power mentioned by a few ancient writings, writings like those of the ancient prophet Joel. The power was communicated, interestingly, by language, amongst many varied groups, all sharing the common voice and experience of a nearly indefinable, yet horrific oppression. The language was remarkable in many ways, particularly in that it was incomprehensible to all, but the underground.

Copyright September 19th by John P. Schumake


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