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The State of the Union

The State of the Union

It’s been strongly rumored that Justice Samuel Alito will not be at the Presidents Next State-of The-Union-Address.

That raises an interesting question.
Why should any of us tune in?
Shouldn’t WE -The – People Be Giving the State of The Union Address,
with the President sitting and listening.
Evidently, he does not know the state of the union.
He seems to be in a state of denial about the state the union is in.

I’m thinking of throwing a state-of-the union party.
We’ll all sit around in black robes and yell, “Balderdash!”
when the president starts to say,
“The economy is strong, the economic indicators are good!
New housing starts are certainly promising!
and jobs have been created by the stimulus.”
No, wait, if you dress like a Congressman, you can yell, “Lies!” If you come dressed like a Supreme Court Justice,
you have to shake your head solemnly, and mouth the words, “Bull… ”
Scratch that, it’s starting to sound like a sort of noir toga party.

Seriously, you will probably be better off not watching the state-of the-union address.
If you voted for Obama, you’ll have to take an extra anti-depressant that evening.

If you didn’t vote for him, you’ll have to increase your blood pressure medicine.
My suggestion, “Read a little about it in the newspaper,” check a few snippets online, but, more importantly, Just ‘Know what you know,’
that the job numbers are bleak, companies are afraid of the Regulation gone wild in this administration, companies consequently are focusing on overseas sales and overseas offices;
New housing starts are grim, our Federal deficit has topped a trillion dollars for two years in a row, and the tax revenues are just barely scratching the interest on all of the money our government owes.
Just printing more money is no longer a good option, because it is weakening foreign and domestic faith in our economy, and even if we do print money,
that doesn’t improve the circumstances for millions of Americans. Some people weren’t lucky enough to get a reprieve or temporary respite on their foreclosure due to the faulty paperwork of the mortgage companies.

I am resolute in this: Once you have it in your head that the government should be providing for the poor, you will necessarily begin to convince yourself, that the government should be providing for you if you have any adversity, because you , as it were, become the poor. We had emerged from this dangerous psychology just a few years ago and entered into a really promising time period of entrepreneurial growth paralleled by personal involvement and giving in charitable programs. The same mind-frame that makes one stand up and bring forth an idea, develop a product that can benefit people, and bring that product or service to the public is the same mind frame that wants to reach out and help that fellow human being, either by providing assistance, or by providing a job.

What is the state of the Union? The union’s collective psychology is under attack. I have a feeling that after the State of the Union Address, there will not just be the Republican response, but there will be many well thought out, and published rebuttals.

So, my recommendation is, don’t get ready to load up on the medication, just sit stolidly and know what you already know, ‘that we will get through this…
…this administration.’

-Copyright October 17th by John P. Schumake


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