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The Game where Vampires vs. Martians

I have watched people nimbly navigate through strategy games on the computer, or first person shooter games on the X-Box, and yet I can talk to these same people and the real life strategy of what is going on in our country eludes them: By this I refer to the battle being fought for the independence of companies to run businesses as they see fit opposed to the antithesis, which is a highly regulated society where government incentives (alla the stimulus, and the very controlling Obama Business Plan, etc) turn into dictates as to how companies shall run themselves. Interestingly, if this were a game that someone played over and over, they would have mastered it. They would have seen that the government controlled model failed miserably all over the world, on whatever level it was engaged. It failed in China, perhaps the most highly regulated model. It failed in Russia and the Warsaw Pact nations, the next most highly regulated model. It is now failing in Europe with people in France rioting because daddy government has raised the retirement rate just because the economy can’t endure the current retirement age.

If you were to play the Obama stimulus package like a video game, you would quickly recognize that it is a very finite, poorly designed economic model. The finite array of government jobs, census worker jobs, money laid out for specific expenditures, millions of dollars set aside for free film to encourage and help movie producers, somehow doesn’t actively address the needs of our business community. The stimulus was a failure. A video game player would have traded this piece of weaponry in for a completely different model, a more nimble one. A more nimble model would have allowed the owner of this item in his arsenal to cause it to transform to meet whatever attack was coming head-on: A model that allows companies to keep more of their own money and transform it into whatever they need, warehouses, machinery, personnel, would have been a better model.

Aficionados of Warcraft would have immediately recognized the serious flaws in the Obama designed Game. The game would have become known as StallCraft. Sadly, our young people aren’t yet making the mental connect between what they see happening in the business world and the world of government, and the world of Strategy Games, RPG’s, or hybrids. I am confident, though, that they will soon yet see that we are in the middle of a hybrid game, and we are losing to outside forces, but we can take massive amounts of real-estate from the current administration, we can even re-design the game in the middle of Game-Play!

It’s all a Game, a dangerous Game with Casualties and Consequences.The phase of the game we are in now is the Campaign. Barracula is out on the campaign trail trying to see how many blind followers, easily hypnotized people he can lure, how many necks he can bite before November 2. The numbers are tightening. The still free members of society, the un-bit necks, can still turn the Game around.

Copyright October 24th by Juan Zapatero


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