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Better to Pass a Milestone than a Kidney Stone

We are finally at a point where game-modeling and data-basing are sophisticated enough, and simpatico enough to be able to outperform lawmakers, who are seldom expert economists anyway, despite campaign rhetoric to the contrary…
…We are finally at the point where we don’t need the lawmakers to make those decisions. Those decisions are far better left to the math coprocessors that can assess the landscape using a combination of CPU’s and GPU’s much better than Congress. Congress is just playing roulette.
However, we do need Congress to ‘Play the Game.’
In other Words, it would be far more productive if, armed with software in the form if a strategy Game, the Republican and Democrats would choose sides, the republicans of course, would be the Small Government Fiscally Supposedly Diligent Let Business Run Itself side, or the SmogFobbers,
and the Democrats would be the Big Government Look Out for the Unions More Entitlements and Government Financed Media Like NPR and Government Run Banking and Car Company Group … or the… Socialists.

So we have the SmogFobbers verses the Socialists.

Each member of Congress would have a client computer with a logon, or maybe an X Box. They would enter the Game, receive some currency based upon their years in Congress… the less the years the more the currency.

They then start to play. The winner gets their bill to pass. The loser is shown on every Giant Screen TV in every major city as ‘The Loser.’
People would actually tune in to see what Congress is doing. Maybe people who seriously screw up could be voted off the game. It would be interesting to see who survives in each party. Usually the most devious, duplicitous, backstabbing, manipulative and conniving survive in those sorts of survival scenarios. Sort of like what happened to the Democrats in this election…

President Obama went to India to hawk our wares: Fighters, Helicopters, GE generators. Wait a second: lets talk about GE generators. I mean, let’s talk about it in a Haliburtinish sort of way. Wasn’t GE one of the largest contributors to President Obama’s campaign? Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t Obama big time buds with Jeffry Imelt? Isn’t this promulgating of GE in India with the President sort of serving as their booking agent… isn’t that Obama’s Halliburton?

No wait, there is a difference; Let’s clarify; Halliburton went into Iraq after we removed the despotic ruler Saddam Huuseein. GE went into IRAN and helped provide them with the equipent they are now using to develop a sophisticated nuclear program, a program that currently threatens our allies in the region, most notably Israel. They did that before Iran did anything to Israel, the Iran whose leader feels that Israel has no legitamacy as a nationand shpud be removed from the earth.

okay we’ve got that straight. But Obama’s featuring of GE is not really the same as Halliburton actually scoring tons of contracts in post war Iraq, is it? or is it. Well, allowing India to purchase planes and jets and helicopters from us. Who makes many of the engines and turbines and generators for those items? Hmmm…….

I think the President should have to play the Game too. He should be given an X Box, some currency, but he should have to have a higher skill level. He should have to qualify. However, if he fails to play quickly and effectively; For example, if he drags his heels and lets white whales die in the midst of an underwater gushing oil leak, while refusing to accept the proven oil skimmers that are capable of vacuuming of 35000 barrels of oil a piece a day, refusing skimmers offered by nations like the Netherlands… well… if he does that, then the computer takes over his portion of the play, he loses some currency, and… he doesn’t get voted off of the Game right away, but he has to sit in a room with some of the diabolical survivors of his own group, and try to cut deals to survive…
…Sort of like what happened after the last election. Just faster.

Copyright by Juan Zapatero November 13th 2010


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