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Eat, You’ll Feel Better

There’s been considerable talk about whether President Obama should have hosted a huge state dinner for the President of China. My view on this is simple: He should have hosted a huge state dinner, if he had also hosted a Seder dinner for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he was here in March. However, it would appear that he didn’t even offer Netanyahu and his assistants a tray of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhiches. The reason which has emerged is that President Obama was essentially punishing Netanyahu for building new houses in east Jerusalem and for having announced the building of those houses during the visit of Vice-President Biden to Israel.

I suppose that means that China’s unveiling of their new stealth fighter during our state department’s visit, a fighter whose technology I would guess was pretty much stolen from the United States, is okay. And the reason that China’s plethora of human-rights violations isn’t cause for the President to close-the-kitchen is because they are somehow not as offensive as Building dwellings in occupied territories? Maybe it’s because, after Bernanke’s attempt to print 600 billion dollars and buy U.S. Treasuries with those dollars this Federal Government has no place left to go for the money it needs to satisfy its addiction to spending.

Now, maybe if Mr. Netanyahu had had a couple of trillion dollars to lend us he would have been invited to a dinner.



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