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At The Same Time

“Word Smithing – Washington-ese”


If you  were ever afraid that your liberties as an Ameican might be under attack, be concerned now.  The report issued by Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security indicated essentially that the imminent source of danger was right – wing extremism developing and erupting among members of returning military personnel,  particulary those who got involved in hate-mongering groups like pro-lifers.  Ex-veteran Timothy McVeigh was offered as the example.

Now I don’t know when  the last time was that Janet Napolitano looked in the mirror, but the only source of imminent right wing extremism she needs to worry about is the right side of her hairdo.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she looks like a giant potato dumpling with a wig on it, you could actually take a serious enough look at her polices to realize that it’s worse than dangerous.  It’’s downright Gestapo.  And you thought George Bush’s wire-tappings of Pakistani phone calls was an invasion of your freedoms?  You aint seen nothing yet,.  According to the Napolitano report, you will be considered a danger if you are opposed to abortion or, gasp… immigration.


Oh, but that’s not all.  The individuals who should be the very defenders of our Freedom of Speech, the press, were themselves on the attack against that very Freedom.  At an award given for Katie Couric because of her interview of Sarah Palin, a documentary Writer, John Ziegler, who was Quietly and unobtrusively video taping the Outside of the Event was manacled  and dragged to the ground by two Security guards.  They had been expecting him.  Kudos Katie.  Oh, and the interview did deserve an award;  The steely eyed cold and cutting Couric is right out of a Eugene O’Neil play.  Let’s see, The Ice woman Cometh?   My favorite character is the most calculating, convincingly detached, slow sipping and dangerous, scotch-breathed Larry Slade.  The most riveting scene is where Don Parritt, the son of an anarchist comes in and tries to convince Larry, a former ardent member of the movement that he’s still a member of the movement, he’s still dedicated;  He must BE!.  Then Sarah Palin walks in, sort of  oblivious of the anarchist, though slightly intrigued, and a bit fascinated with Larry, but before long she is grilled by the steely eyed guttural voiced Couric… Then Hicky walks in!.   Well, you’ll have to see the play    …. and the interview,at the same time….





Copyright April 16, 2009  Earnest Publications reprint









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