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The Hand

Why is it called a moratorium?
Why isn’t it called a lessatorium? We live in a world where the expedience and necessity of words to somehow bring up in one’s mind the image of what you are trying to convey is critical, unlike this sentence I just wrote, or typed if you will.
I suppose we are forever in danger of losing those links to our past, links that require you to research the historical significance of phrases we use today. I believe, though I cannot prove it, that there is a part of the brain that stores, either patternistically, or in genetically inherited records, that sort of information. I was watching porpoises out on the Gulf of Mexico surfacing and diving. Their sleek black and white bodies followed a graceful and almost soundless arch out of, and then back into the water. They have somewhere inside their fins, the bones of a five fingered hand. I suppose it is because they are mammals. What do they need with a five fingered hand?
As they arched gracefully out of the water I yelled at my friends to look, but by the time they had looked up, the water was flat and placid, no sign of porpoises. We went back to fishing. Again they emerged gracefully like an underwater Ferris wheel, just cresting barely above the surface. I yelled at my fellow fishing companions to look. Again they slipped under the waves unseen. We have five fingered hands. We have them in our mind and in our histories. Though the expedience of fishing and the necessity to move effortlessly through the sea has changed the way we behave, and we will soon not know how that has happened, we will always have the five-fingered hands.
Sometimes the change in our physical form is a result of a seeming necessity caused by powerful and unexpected events. The image of what we are becomes a little blurred. For a while, propelled out on the waves, or stepping through a field the image of the Creator becomes apparent.

Copyright March 20th, 2011 by Earnest Publications



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