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Ah! The Lightbulb Turned On

Years ago there used to be a little trick you could do that was kind of amusing at parties:
You would ask someone to add 24 + 1, then 23 + 2, then 22 + 3, and so on. You would then ask them to subtract 30 – 5, 29 -4, 28 – 3. Of course the answer was always 25. You would then ask them to name the first vegetable that came to their mind, and almost always they would reply, ‘carrot.’ I’m not sure why this was. I think it may have had something to do with 24 Karat(carat) gold, etc, and 25 was close to 24 . I’m not sure.
Someday, someone will invent a little numerical test that can be used during debates to tell if a candidate is telling the truth or not. I’m a little amused and saddened by President Obama’s profound, deep and powerful relationship with Jeffrey Immelt CEO of GE, and GE as a whole. GE, from what I hear, paid no income taxes last year. This was reportedly accomplished while shutting down American light-bulb manufacturing plants, and opening up plants overseas. While pundits rage and bicker over whether GE should pay taxes or not, the real issue to me is this: During the presidential campaign of 2008 Barrack Obama was adamant; he was determined that those bad companies that were shipping jobs overseas were going to be stopped. They were going to be punished. This shipping of American jobs over seas was not going to continue, no not if he became President!
Furthermore, he was going to stop government wiretapping and he was going to fix the economy.
GE has a cozy relationship with Obama, arguably cozier than Halliburton and Cheney. GE was showcased on President Obama’s trip to India and Pakistan. Jeffrey Immelt was appointed President Obama’s job czar. General Electric, from what I have read, is the principal owner of MSNBC, the dye-hard cheerleaders for the President. GE reportedly has manufactured parts and components being used by IRAN in their pursuit of advanced nuclear capabilities, and has provided China with technology as well, which appears to have begun during the Carter administration, possibly in pursuit of long range missile technologies, etc. Fortunately, quite recently, Israel was allegedly able to use a computer virus to cause equipment to malfunction and set the Iran nuclear program, which threatens the region, back several years.
I know that someone will invent a little mathematical quiz to see if candidates will tell the truth or if they will deceive and sacrifice national interest just to benefit a chosen few. The quiz must be tiny, almost unnoticeable, something you can slip into the debate in just a few words.



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