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Loosed the Fateful Lightning

A friend asked me, “Do you think that Armageddon could happen in just a year and a half?” alluding to the December 2012 date that the ancient Mayans have provided us for Who Knows What.My answer was, “Yes, of course.” Just as the spreading of the gospel and the Rise of Christianity was rendered possible by the Roman roads, aqueducts and baths, so the sudden rise and fall of nations and leaders is rendered possible by the roads of a new age: the Internet and more specifically, organizations like WikiLeaks.
There remains in prophecy very little to be fulfilled. The landmark fulfillments of the return of the people of Israel to an historic homeland amidst troubling times presented perhaps the greatest mental obstacle. Prophecy never has any obstacles, because, of course, nothing is too hard for God. I call it a mental obstacle because it would have been difficult for people 120 years ago to envision this really happening.
The biblical prophecies that precede a final apocalypse are sad. They speak of many nations united against Israel. For us to sit and watch as revolutions and overthrows and riots sweep the Mideast, it’s certainly not impossible to imagine the very quick organization of a United Arab States, with a Fundamentalist nature in unity against the state of Israel.

My answer to the notion of a final Armageddon, the consummation of the ages, the fulfilling of St. John’s Revelations is simply this: We are living it every day. It’s not something that is coming, but something that is here. The merchants who would have us trade our personal integrity and faith for a safe, secure and ostensibly reliable number, a series of digits that somehow defines and protects us, is no different than the gradual shift in the last century from kneeling before the side of the bed, to kneeling in front of a large screen that ultimately brings us images from a sort of collective cistern far off in space, standing where it ought not. For, where ought not something be? “The heavens are my throne and the earth is my footstool.”
Something ought not be constructed in the heavens. Ah, but it is.
The seemingly slow tick of days from the taking away of the continual burnt offering around 70 A.D. to the moving away from the New Testament Continual offering and moving towards a sort of socio-mental agreement promulgated by the early founders of communism, are now ticking more quickly, possibly due to the huge streams of conscious agreement accomplished through Rapid Electronic social activity. We have entered a time where we see the scary shaping of a Bio-Virtual Consciousness, existing in real time due to the high-speed wire and cables that connect thought and persons into an almost invisible mass.
Did I say mass? Hmm, it’s funny how kneeling before a continual light gives way to kneeling before a continuous light. (There’s a sort of human law of entropy that moves us from safety to danger, from the true to the countefiet, from Garden to Jungle, from God to gods, from gold to paper.) Romans marched on sophisticated roads to capture, subdue and control. The gospel was spread on those very roads.
There are, indeed, two prophecies that absolutely must be fulfilled as a part of the consummation of the ages. These are the only prophecies I have ever read that specifically indicate, ‘This state must come to pass, and then the end shall come’:
“First, the gospel must be preached to every nation people and tongue, and then the end shall come.”
“The power of the Holy People will be completely scattered, dissipated, then all of these things shall be finished.”

Both can happen at once, upon the new, sophisticated carefully-set Roman roads.


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