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Taliban Blasts Ancient Cliff Carvings: Revered Relics

 It’s Monopoly.  First they take over the Banking system, then the car manufacturers.  They’re working on Health Care, which seems innocuous enough (Not).  So what’s next.  I say the next big power grab is…  Well, let me ask you.  Whenever you played Monopoly what did you always go after? Okay, the railroads, but what else?  Now, you’ve got it:  Water Works and the Electric Company.  I’ll bet it’s the power grid.

I wish that there was a place where we could buy Futures on what the next Power Grab is going to be.  What’s going to be the Premise?  Some great failure of the Power Grid that makes the Government have to take it over? Or maybe a collective set of circumstances:  One power company is having financial trouble, another one is having problems with a coal producing plant, another one is having problems with emissions, then there was a major penetration of the Grid by Foreign Espionage, that Only The Government could Deal With Effectively!

No, I’m not giving them any ideas.  They’ve already thought things out carefully.  The power grab of the Banks, Car Manufactures, Census Bureau,  State Sovereignty, Television media and potentially General Electric ( not to mention the covering of all Christian symbols, lettering and emblems when he spoke at Georgetown U. so the President  wouldn’t be upstaged by….  Jesus. )  It’s Hellenism. 

Now I’m trying to understand the mindset that will bow before an Arab shiek (who just as soon charge us royally up the tank for oil), but won’t bow, tilt the head, or even give any deference to IHS, and will rather, shroud the word.   Someone help me.  I’m truly bewildered.

Over 40 years ago when John Lennon stated that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus he had to apologize.  A chunk of the adult world at least was scandalized.  How things have changed!  Notre Dame University will give the President an Honorary Law Degree, notwithstanding his very liberal support of abortion with our tax dollars.  Worse, the Jesuits at Georgetown agreed to cover the letters IHS, which is Sacred.  It represents to Catholics the Name of Jesus.  Many Presidents and dignitaries have attended religious institutions, and been photographed, taped and viewed live doing so, without the images, symbols and Names having to be masked.

It is just not a good thing for anyone to be standing in the House of God handing themselves out while the emblems of God’s gift to us are veiled.  That’s true whether it’s the physical house of worship, or the temple of God’s people, or the declared presence of his Word. Whether it’s the covering over of Jesus name or the vaunting of oneself over the name of Jesus, or maybe the removal of prayer from the president’s prayer breakfasts, or the covering of minoras, or maybe the perminent covering of Bible, Talmud, Q’oran, Bagavad-ghita from any former place of access.  Imagine… there’s no heaven, and no religion too…  Hmm, this may have been inspired by John Lennon after all.   He has a knack for persistent words, but when it comes to longevity of Words – well, look – someone else has him beat: Frankly, rock stars or Presidents… God is no respecter of persons… To him, it doesn’t make any difference. 

…and He doesn’t need a teleprompter to make his purpose heard.

-John P. Schumake







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