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Rising Tide

In 1811 Tecumseh gave his farewell address. The American Government had totally squelched and begun relocating the American Indians into a small sequestered portion of their own great land. By the time of the Civil War, the American Indians had been completely pushed off of their land.
They didn’t lose the land because they were waging wars against the White People. They didn’t lose the land because they were lobbing missiles into the lands occupied by the white man. They didn’t surround the White Man on three sides and attack mercilessly and unprovoked.

There have been many Hopi Indian Prophecies predicting a very watery future for this Great Land.

The year 1811 is not that long ago. It’s only 200 years ago.

President Obama has called for the people of Israel to return the borders of their land to the 1967 borders, the borders they had before they were attacked by Egypt, Syria and Jordan all at once, and won the land miraculously in a War that is known as the Six-day war.

The six days war was 44 years ago.
To ask Israel to return that land is to spit in the face of the Miracle of God.

Here’s where it gets interesting. There has been much speculation, and a reasonable amount of validation that the Native Americans of both North and South America may in fact be the 10 lost tribes of Israel which never returned from the Assyrian and ultimately the Babylonian Captivity. The only tribes to have returned were Benjamin and Judah.
There is a story that there is a great River called the Sambatyon, and that the ten lost tribes cannot cross it because it is too turbulent, and the only day that it is not turbulent is on the Sabbath.

Three Presidents have failed in an attempt to persuade the Palestinian people to live peaceably with Israel, and each attempt required Israel to give up land for peace. Jimmy Carter brokered a land for peace deal which ultimately failed to bring peace. Bill Clinton had brought Yasser Arafat all the way to the point of having pen in hand, ready to sign the Oslo accords which, again, represented Israel’s willingness to give up land in an exchange for Peace and recognition of Israel as a nation. Pen in hand, Arafat finally declined, set the pen down and didn’t sign. Recognition of Israel As a nation was just too alien a thought to him as it was to other Palestinians who supported him as their unquestioned leader.
Barack Obama’s complete lack of leadership in the Mideast and his rebuffing of our only ally has given the Green-Light to any purveyors of mayhem in the region.

In these last few years, two-hundred years since Tecumseh’s farewell, we have seen an incredible amount of flooding, swelling of rivers and destruction of our land due to flooding. Barack Obama, with a wry smirk on his face calls for Israel’s dramatic shrinking in size. Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in the United States to provide a blunt and honest reply to the American President. The Mississippi flood waters swell and the army core of engineers has to make a decision to open various flood gates and flood certain lands. People lose their houses. The lost tribes sit and wait while the waters rage. Soon, however, I suspect that the horrendous influx of water into the United States will draw the waters off from the Sambatyon. I believe that the lost tribes will then surely cross over.

After he bows low before the sheiks of oil, he bows down lower before a sea of oil.
As he calls for the land to shrink, his land will indeed shrink, for, it is… the Promised Land.

Copyright May 22, 2011 by Juan Zapatero

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