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In Remembrance Of

God’s ability to remember someone (or some thing) has far more life-giving qualities than for you or I to remember someone. For me to recall a friend who has passed away, I might, with fond remembrance think about a time or two when we had been together. I might even merge those two moments. I might briefly even derive a bit of satisfaction almost reliving a moment when we were young together, and sat up on the roof of a building looking out across the city. I might remember a snowball fight, savoring the details of how I went sliding down to the lake. I might even almost feel the cold of the snow in that event. However, I can’t really bring that person back to life by somehow breathing him into a body, or forming flesh and bones around my thoughts.
This is not the case with God. When God remembers something, there is much more happening. When the Judaic – Christian scriptures speak of God remembering anyone, that being is brought back to life; he or she, or even it is brought before the presence of God, in consciousness and awareness of spirit. Jeremiah calls to God, “Remember me, and visit me, and revenge me of my persecutors; take me not away in your longsuffering.” (vs. 15:15)
The Almighty’s remembering of one is always accompanied by the ability to actually bring that being to life, in order to stand before him. Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these cases of ‘Remembrance’ is God’s remembrance of the sparrows that are sold for a farthing. It’s worth pondering. It is phrased in such an interesting fashion in the Gospel of St. Luke, chapter 12, verse 6: “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore: you are of more value than many sparrows.” This is preceded by a few words back in verse four where Jesus warns them, “Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that , they have no more that they can do.”
These are incredible statements. Without the ability to bring one back to life, consciousness and awareness, in the person of one’s same being, there is absolutely nothing comforting in the statement. What is even more incredible, however, is what is happening to the sparrows. The sparrows are provided as the example of why not to be afraid. Now, I have news for you, if the sparrows were sold, killed, plucked and cooked, and ‘God’s remembrance of them’ means nothing more than the fact that from time to time he sits back and muses about those five sparrows, then there is certainly no comfort for us, because all that really tells us, is that, after our death, God may sit back, and from time to time muse about us.
Let’s look at a more human analogy. Let’s say you go to your father, concerned that he might not pay for your first year’s living expenses at a University. He looks at you and says, “Did I not pay for your brother, Nathan’s tuition? What are you worried about?” Now if he didn’t, really pay for Nathan’s living quarters, you might have cause to worry. If Nathan is the pet goat, and is only affectionately referred to as your brother, you might have even more cause for worry, especially if he refused to fund Nathan’s stable fees. Let’s say he said, “Did I not pay for your mother’s two cocker spaniels and a beagle to go to obedience school? And that cost me a small fortune! My heavens! Aren’t you of much greater worth to me than those dogs?” Let’s suppose, for a second, that he didn’t really pay for the dogs’ obedience school. Let’s say his answer is, “Didn’t I briefly think about paying for obedience school for those dogs? What are you so worried about?” Now, you suddenly aren’t so comforted. You have no reason to be comforted. First, he has compared you to dogs, arguably a bit better than being compared to sparrows, but there was no favorable outcome for the dogs. If the sparrows likewise perished with no future flight, chirping or tree-hopping in sight, their fate was not an example of hope for anyone, other than the cook and those who dined.
I will submit to you that for the Almighty to bring anything back to remembrance it must have a far more revitalizing effect than anything we can imagine… and all of your imagining can’t bring a body up to clothe any mind, heart and spirit, but in a very short time indeed, on earth, or in your life, you will see that He can. However, there is one time and place where he gives us that ability to experience the real living presence of the person with the process of remembrance, and, it is, of course, in remembering Him.

Copyright May 29th, 2011 by Earnest Publications

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