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Letterman’s Apology Scary

David Letterman’s apology about his joke aimed at Sarah Palin’s daughter is scarier than the original comment.  The original ‘joke’ was to the extent that Sarah Palin’s daughter got knocked up during the 7th inning by Alex Rodriguez. His apology is very troubling.  He stated that his comments were meant to be aimed at the 18 year old daughter, not the 14 year old, and the he would never, never make jokes about .. “…raping a fourteen year old..”

So he would make jokes about raping an 18 year old?

As the brother of a woman who was raped and murdered, I would have to hope that Letterman’s position as, whatever he is… and in his own word’s, he is hardly a celebrity…   his position should be completely untenable.

There have been comments made by some conservatives to the extent of, “How would it be if such sick quips were made about Sasha and Melia?”

Will Obama get dragged into the frey?

I doubt it.  When he was an Illinois Congressman, he voted ‘Present’ against the Illinois Sex-Crimes Bill.  He was the only Congressman to vote ‘present’.  That means he did not vote in favor of it.  The sex-Crimes Bill was designed to protect women who had been raped and were involved in, or would be involved in a trial from excessive scrutiny at the hands of the press and others.

Other Congressman, notably, Durkin, asked him why he would ever vote in such a fashon?  Obama’s vote was clearly not a vote for women.

As far as Letterman goes, I think it’s pretty clear where he stands regarding women.  Rape is apparently fair joking grounds.  – Freudian slip?

Listen to his apology, if you haven’t.  Troubling.

A few months ago Mr. Letterman and his wife had to walk a great distance through the country due to an automobile break-down.  Several months earlier, Mr. Letterman was surprised to find a bear rumaging around in his back yard. 

Lucky, for Mrs. Letterman that the Letterman’s weren’t accosted by the bear while they were trecking down the country road.  I suspect he would have thrown his bride at the bear and said,

“Take her, just leave me alone.”


  • J. g. Zaponi

    Take my wife!
    Take, her please!

    I’m sure you seen the video of Letterman and his wife, where the bear attacks him ! It’s hilarious. That look on his face when his wife ends up… shall we say enjoying the experience…

    I tried to find it and I googled Letterman and the bear… so I got your blog… If you’ve seen it tell me where I can find it…

  • John P. Schumake

    “Take my wife. Take her please!” I think that was Henny Youngman who said that. No, haven’t seen the video. I presume this was a sort of a cartoon. I think it illustrates an important thing; Even comedians like Letterman can end up becoming the object of some pretty raw comedy. Sounds like this video got a little raw.

    I haven’t tried to find it. Did you get it and delete it? You should be able to retrieve it.

  • Juan g. Zaponi

    I thought that it was Rodney Dangerfield.

    Anyway, the frame at the ed with Letterman standing out in the cornfield with his pants down is the best.
    Where he says, “That bear is going to be a tough act to beat.”

    I think the title of the video was “Grin and bear It.”

  • John P. Schumake

    I didn’t see it. I try to keep it as clean as I can, here. I imagine that the cornfield is supposed to be a reminder of the fact that Letterman hails from Indiana?

    Also, “Was Dangerfield even married?”


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