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A President We Can Believe?

While it is historically true that Presidents have had a long History of reversing their positions on issues, or, at least, chosing to live with policies they don’t embrace, it is quite another thing for Presidents to habitually tell untruths to the American People in the hopes that no one will check the facts. As early as 1801, President Jefferson, who was a Democratic-Republican and rejected Hamilton’s concept of the Bank of the United States, chose to live with the Reality of it, as it had already been established by the previous administration. I have cited, in previous blogs, president Obama’s flip-flops, and misleading statements, however, his recent statements on the House and Senate’s proposed Health Care plans are really tantamount to blatant untruths. I’m perplexed that he thought this might go unnoticed. The White House and the President himself have issued statements to the effect that ‘Abortion is absolutely not provided for in the government plan’ . Many have taken issue with the statements, and for Good reason. The North American Catholic Bishops have referred to the statements as a ‘legal fiction’.
The Bishops issued a clear and concise statement that exposes the White House’s charade. There are Senate and House versions of the Bill. The crafters of the House version (H.R. 3200) not only rejected any ammendments to exclude mandated coverage of abortion, but also included coverage for private health plans that include abortion on demand..

The Obama administration has attempted to build a sort of Chinese Wall between their plan and any claims that it will provide for abortion by stipulating in the House Act ” that there will be a premium of at least $1.00 per month to cover all abortions beyond those eligible for federal funds under the current Hyde Amendment.” The Chinese Wall is nothing more than a flimsy fence, however, and easy to see through. The bishops allege, and correctly so “federal taxpayer funds will subsidize the operating budget and provider networks that expand access to abortion.”

A little aside here on Chinese Walls. They can take a variety of shapes and forms*: When I was growing up in the ’60’s and the ’70’s it was pretty much public knowledge that the vending machines and the gaming machines were owned and controlled by the mob. The machines may have been innocuous little game machines just taking your money and doing no worse, or they might have been cigarette, rolling paper, or gambling machines. In the beginning the machines weren’t for highly addictive stuff like gambling, they were for stuff like, pop. The owner of the store wasn’t necessarily in the mob. It might have been a ma and pa store… a couple of sweet old grocers. They didn’t own the machines, they just went along to… you know… how shall I say it… not make waves. Or, the owner might have been in the mob. He might have been peddling smut and selling liqour to minors. … but the machines were the mob’s. He provided the location, the foot traffic, the alarm system , warm environment and locked doors for the machines, but they weren’t his. Sometimes he got a cut, depending upon state laws, rules, and who was looking. To make matters more complicated, the machines themselves may not even have been owned by the same organization that stocked the machines with cigarettes, or, whatever…
You’ll figure the analogy out. ‘You’re smot’. If you can’t, leave me a post. In any case, we are the nice ma and pa grocers, and we’re not really complicit in selling anything illicit, because the machines aren’t ours, and we…uh, how shall I say it… don’t got no choice anyway…
…if HR 3200 and its compadres becomes law

*and they don’t necessarily have to be Chinese, they can be Tuscan, Athenian, Russian, Sicilian, Mongolian, Gallic, Persian…

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