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Based Upon what at Least Some Have Admitted To

Based Upon what at Least Some Have Admitted To

When the history books are written, fifty or sixty years from now they will look back upon this time in the United States, this time in our Senate and house of representatives, this time in our presidency and they will no doubt say, “This is an example of what happens when people do massive amounts of drugs in their teen years and in their post teen years and then grow up to become the ruling class in the country.”
I have looked into history’s reflection in that deep reservoir of our own history and realized, no lie remains hooded, no untruth remains carefully occulted. From the forthright letters of Abigail Adams to the insidious clandestine tapes of Lyndon Johnson, the truth has always found a way to the surface.
It’s not so strange that a statesman or official should change his stance or position on something. Young Benjamin Franklin while living in London, wrote ‘A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity’ wherein he stated his convictions that human beings really do not have any freedom to control their actions. He thereby proposed that we are all, therefore, not really responsible for these actions. Franklin later recanted, and even went so far as to take any of the remaining pamphlets in his possession and set them ablaze.
That’s quite different from the case at hand, wherein senators and representatives at town hall meetings are shamelessly stating that the proposed Health Care plan does not and can not provide for abortions, when, in fact, based upon a good understanding of the Hyde ammendment , with all of its History through the Clinton Years, one can see that it can and it does.
The case with Franklin is also quite different* than the case wherein a president states that he will not pursue the scrutiny of the Central Intelligence Agency, re-examining actions that were already tried, studied, interrogated, analyzed and, in essence, dispensed with, and then departs from his word to satisfy the hard left, essentially weekening that arm of our defense which looks out for our security. It’s a sort of double jeopardy. It makes it unlikely that the individual members of the agency will be able to retain their same level of commitment, the esprit de corps that is necessary for the success of any organization.

I marvel at the insipidness of any group that would so shoot themselves in the foot:  If  Holder does indeed conduct the public scrutiny, dunking stools and stocks, for members of the CIA who weren’t sufficiently fretted the first time around, then, if anything were to happen to this country, anythin even remotely resembling 911, or even exceeding it, the current group in party, the Democrats, will forever own it.  It’ll be worse than a blot.  It’ll be soot that they can’t remove, the mark of Cain, so to speak, undeniable and irremovable.  They are indeed loading up to shoot themselves in the foot.
I do not believe that truth is the ensign of any one political party, nor do I believe that lies are the mask warn by any one party. However, I am appalled that whenever I point out to people the cleverly crafted deceptions of the current Congress the answer I invariably receive is not, “That’s awful!, or “Are you quite sure about that?” but rather, “Well, Bush did it! Look what Bush did!” It’s as if the glinting necessity to see our elected servants serve us with honesty has tarnished into the dark green need to see our own side win at all costs, whichever side that is.
Congress rushed through the stimulus package, insisting that the nation was in mortal danger if we didn’t pass it, refused to let the Congressmen have a day to read it, refused to let the minority party register an opposing view, then later referred to them as obstructionists who wouldn’t partake in the process. Six months later, less than 10% of that badly needed money has been distributed to those so badly in need. I have seen this sort of theater before, where the Shakespearian character revels in his own ability to deceive, letters are quickly written to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Reed insists that a vote happen immediately, Pelopsi wants the bill (and the letters) signed, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern stumble off to deliver the sad fate of the United States, Hamlet and the rest of the Republicans choose the moment to be….

History will reveal the carefully woven tapestry of deceit.

*I tried to find a better example of a statesman or president among the founding fathers saying one thing and then doing another, but as far as the founding fathers were concerned it was hard to find something so blatantly opposite that had occurred in so short a span of time as the example with Obama and the CIA.”

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