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Paranoia’s everywhere. Jobs aren’t.

The Director of HomeLand Security is paranoid that Veterans returning from foreign wars are going to become the prime candidates for future homegrown terrorists. The Green Czar is paranoid that white polluters are going to dump pollution in black communities. (I think it’s pretty accepted that even on the individual level most white people who let a freezer bag blow away in the wind make sure that they are in a black community first before that happens.)  The Democratic National Committee is paranoid about Dick Cheney’s statements that the previous administration effectively defended the country against terrorist attacks, so paranoid that the DNC is launching a wave of ad campaigns to counter Cheney’s candid interviews. (Forget, the ad campaign. If the Dems don’t get through their reign without preventing a terrorist attack, DNC will mean ‘Done Due to National Crisis’.

American parents are paranoid that when the president speaks to school children Tuesday, September 06th that he is going to wrap an ulterior motive in a seemingly innocuous message, and that he is going to try to indoctrinate the children with radical left wing ideas. This is the first time in history that I know of that parents were actually scared of the president of the United States talking to the school children. Was anyone really ever scared that George and Laura were sitting in front of a classroom reading out of children’s books. They were doing so on September 11th, when the planes struck. George looked right comfortable sitting on that little chair reading with the children.

The White House is paranoid that people are spreading messages contrary to the HealthCare message.  They are paranoid that they are mischaracterizing the  intentions.  The White House has gotten paranoid to the point that they wanted people to tell on their neighbors, report people who might be disagreeing with the White House’s message, and might have it wrong.

Paranoia’s everywhere, but the jobs aren’t.

The jobless and job loss per capita statistics are the highest that they have been in 26 years.

Here’s my observation and my question: How many jobs would have been created if the President had 1.) just allowed the Oklahoma Oil drilling to go forth as President Bush had provided, instead of rescinding Bush’s decision. Think not only of the engineers and planners, but the truckers trucking equipment, the builders building temporary habitats, the pipefitters, the laborers, the list goes on… 2.) if the Democrat Congress had allowed the existing Alaskan Pipeline to be extended up to Anwar, and Oil Procurement facilities set in Place at Anwar – not to mention the cost savings to the American government for not having to clean up all of the oil drippage that will start to occur when the exisiting pipeline empties, the last of the 3 billion barrels of oil is sent through it, the steel cools, the banding begins to flex and snap, and the oil starts dripping all over the pristine wilderness in an uncontainable irreparable mess. 3.) Allowed the drilling for natural gas to go ahead in the Bearing Circle Area under American control (there’s tons there), and 4.) Allowed American companies to drill offshore in the Gulf instead of letting Chinese firms drill a few miles outside of our territorial waters. (There was certainly no environmental concern there. We at least have some control over domestic companies that drill within our waters. By forbidding them from drilling, we lost control over the regulation of the spars and derricks for the sake of a clean environment.)

How many jobs were lost? I don’t know. I do know this, however: I know that the jobs would have been created by the private sector, not financed by an obscene stimulus that our children will have to finance. I know that there would have been engineers, planners, financiers, truckers and pipefitters back at work by now, because some of these projects were nixed by a Catatonic Congress over a year ago. Congress has been under the control of the Democrats for over 2 ½ years. Now, it’s interesting that they were Catatonic for 2 of those years, locked in an immovable stupor and unable to move. They accomplished nothing for 2 years, though they controlled both Houses. Now being Catatonic, and Paranoid are traits or aspects of types of schizophrenia. Just as individuals can have schizophrenia, so can organizations. In schizophrenia, the nerve transmitters and receptors at the dendrite ends have often twisted themselves 180 degrees, so that the transmitters are essentially not transmitting appropriately to the receptor that should be receiving the message.

It’s very typical in cases of Catatonic schizophrenia for the individual afflicted to be locked in a motionless state, and then, after a period of time to suddenly be released into a period of unboundable energy and activity, and then, without warning to return into that completely statue-like state.

We have seen that very behavior with this Congress: For 2 years, from 2006 to 2008 they couldn’t make a decision, pass a law of any substance, or accomplish anything. Then, in the beginning of 2009, in an almost uncontrollable frenzy, with a sense of urgency they had to pass bills into law that no one was given any time to read, They were “Late, yes late, for a very important date, absolutely positively late!” Then they proceeded to attempt to bluster through an onslaught of legislation, Health Care, Freedom of Choice, Fairness Doctrine, all aimed at massively empowering the Federal Government, shrinking control of the states expanding the role of the government as employer, health provider and banker for the populace, yet denying individual energy companies the ability to go out, break ground, and create jobs.

The schizophrenia has entered its paranoid phase, as we can see by the statements of Van Jones, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, with her unfounded and insane indictment of the CIA, and now the investigations of incidents by Eric Holder, that had already been investigated!

What is predictable in schizophrenia is the fact that the patient may be Catatonic, or the patient may be paranoid. What is not predictable is when the highly energized schizophrenic will suddenly emerge from the blame everyone. Paranoid phase, seeing eyes everywhere, fearing terrorists springing like locusts from our own military, and lapse back into the totally immovable, statuesque state, doing nothing, saying nothing, accomplishing nothing.

-Juan Zapatero

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