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Every Single Person has Worth.

Every single person has worth.


Every single person has inestimable worth. There are, in my belief, things that individuals do that are unseen, invisible, impossible to comprehend in any physical sense, yet valuable.

Electricity is generally invisible, yet no one will deny its existence. I believe that the day may come when some scientists will even be able to measure some of the invisible attributes that some badly deformed or mentally handicapped individuals possess, perhaps beyond any other, an energy developed due to the constraints of their circumstances, just as we all develop energy (or muscles) when faced with inertia. It’s just the way the universe works.

The trend towards a sort of de-individualizing eugenics that we are currently seeing reborn in this nation, particularly with regard to certain healthcare legislation attempts is troubling. The question of the viability of one’s life is again being brought to the table. Should an individual under 15 be a prime recipient for healthcare, or should they be placed in a queue? Should an individual over 60 be a prime recipient for healthcare, or should they be given counseling, perhaps out of our own military’s ‘Why don’t you just end it all, because you’re a burden’ book.

You would think that the Democrats would understand the incredible worth of life that hasn’t formed to exactly the specifications of a perfect human mesomorph, or life that hasn’t quite yet accomplished that physical stage of its development, or even life that has formed in a seemingly incomplete or disappointing way (from a human standpoint), I mean, after all, they did elect Al Franken to the Senate.

Look, they elected a former and now aging  beauty contestant from California to the speakership of the house, and we all know that California beauty queens will never receive the Einstein award for brain size. So why is it that the Democrats, can’t comprehend that their age-selective healthcare legislation is being met with such disdain across the country by seniors and eventual seniors at these tea parties?

While people like Rom Emanuel have told the Dems that they have to ‘Punch Back’ at the people who are speaking out at tea parties, and even though there have been recent incidents of a healthcare protestor having his finger bit off by one of Obama’s supporters, I would think that the realization that these anti-healthcare skeptics only represent a microcosm of the people who are disgusted with this proposed highly managed status of one’s viability (shades of Himmler and Mengele){ } proceeding from the Democratic pulpit. It’s even more troubling that this very debate over the affordability of healthcare occurred between John McCain and Barack Obama during the debates. McCain stated that there no way it could be paid for without taxing people earning under 150,000.00.   Obama said he could. Well, now, Obama is recanting on this, ‘surprise, surprise.’ So why is it that we are expected to believe him when he states that the health care plan does not have any provision that will allow for abortions to be included.

Yet, the Democrats adamantly refused and voted down any measures or language that specifically guaranteed the exclusion of abortion, which can only mean one thing and ONLY ONE THING: “And that is -> That they want to leave open the possibility of abortion actually being included in someway at some point in time.” If that wasn’t the case, they would have included the language.

Ergo, as disrespectful as Joe Wilson was when he called the president a ‘liar’ during the Presidents recent speech to Congress,

you can understand why so many people are vocalizing that they, in essence, agree with him.

-by Juan Zapatero
copyright 2009 Juan Zapatero

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