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Watching T.V. With the Mute on is Like the 1940’s in Reverse.

A Few Thoughts To Round out the Week

Chris Kelly:
Chris Kelly, the fund raiser and associate of Governor Blagojevich was found dead yesterday, but not in his home; he was found in a lumber yard on Cicero Avenue in Country Club Hills Illinois, (the new Chicago style?). Now, being an engineer, I am a very logical person. I have to ask myself, if this was foul play, was it the long arm of Blagojevich? NO, Blagojevich couldn’t even save himself from an indictment and from being ousted as Governor. One would have to ask, if this was typical Chicago style politics, then who would benefit by Mr. Kelly’s death? My guess would be that it would be someone or ones more powerful, someone who not only stands to be hurt by the things Mr. Kelly knows, but even more so, stands to be hurt by the things that Mr. Blago knows if the prosecution of his case proceeds. How handy to have Blago ousted , but no one to be able to testify on certain matters. Maybe Mr. Kelly just took too much aspirin, because that’s pretty much what salicylic acid is. However, the interesting thing is that, in suicides men generally choose a more instantaneous form of suicide, like a bullet or slit wrists, and women are the ones who tend to deliberately try to overdose.
Forgive my cynicism, but I grew up in a suburb of Chicago where people were occassionally planted in corn-fields like grain. That’s how people were sometimes censured in Chicago.

Obama’s Health Care Plan:
This is a good time to talk about Obama’s Health Care. There aren’t enough doctors to step into Obama’s plan. Without tort reform, there aren’t going to be enough doctors. The democrats don’t want Tort reform, the republicans do. Why is that? Here’s the simple answer: The republicans tend to stand in the stead of Corporations, businessmen, LLC’s, and small businesses. They don’t want them to be able to be sued for uncontrollable amounts of money. Therefore, the Republicans do want tort reform in order to protect one of their most important constituencies. Without Tort reform, healthcare costs are never going to come down. Obama and the Democratic Congress profess to want to bring Healthcare costs down, yet they have sidestepped the most important issue. Why? Well, trial lawyers are an extremely powerful lobbying group. They can’t throw billions of dollars at the Republican law makers in lobbying efforts, because it too strongly conflicts with the interests and support of the Republicans. That leaves them the Democrats. Democrats are happy to receive the lobbying perks. It’s that simple.
{ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tort_reform}

Health Care Crisis:
Health Care reform can easily turn into a Health Care Crisis, and the President and Congress that follow Obama and the Pelosi democrats will be left cleaning it up. Here’s why the crisis occurs: Hospitals and clinics are already understaffed, and without tort reform, individuals are not going to start moving en-masse into the field, and those that are there are not going to alter their procedures, to ‘speed things up’ out of simple fear of being sued.
Worse yet, if the Obama initiatives do not include clear language to exclude abortion from the plan (which the bill before Congress doesn’t), and if the Democrats proceed to insist that parochial hospitals perform the abortions if they expect government payments under government plans (if there’s no exclusionary language in the bill – then this is the eventuality), and if the FOCA bill passes, which effectively puts teeth in the lawsuits against states, counties, and large hospitals that don’t provide for abortion (using interstate vending of hospital supplies as one of the premises for Federal pre-eminence in this matter), then we will see the shutting down of Catholic and other hospitals. This has already been pre-shadowed by statements of some North American Bishops. Catholic hospitals and clinics provide such a huge portion of our healthcare in America that the FOCA Bill combined with a Government Health Care plan that suddenly opens health care up to 40 to 60 million more individuals would precipitate a catastrophic Health Care Crisis. It seems that the creation of this crisis is in the works.

Censure this:
Joe Wilson is going to be censured publicly in Congress for his outburst wherein he blurted, “You lie!” during Obama’s speech.
It seems I remember a certain speaker of the house who made claims, which she could never substantiate about the CIA deliberately misleading her and other members of Congress. Criticism over her comments about the CIA sent the generally lucid Madame speaker scrambling for her dentures. It would seem that if anyone should be censured, an individual who makes such defamatory claims about an entire arm of our government involving people who daily risk their lives for our security, … should be censured. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose…

Who was the first person in history to be censured for blurting something nasty out to a powerful leader? Well, let’s see… Paul of Tarsus called the leader and high priest of the Sadducees ( a very stern and austere bunch) ‘a Whited Wall’* which was about the same as what Joe Wilson did. Paul was calling the leader a hypocrite. Paul, like Joe, apologized. The Sadducees, unlike the Democrats in Congress didn’t really pursue the matter further, realizing they had more important things to address…

-by Juan Zapatero
Copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero

*(Acts of the Apostles 23:3)


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