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Just a Little Journey Through a Strange Reality

My apologies for a blunderous statement that I made. Apparently it was the finger that an Obama Health Care Supporter bit off and not an ear, but, you see, all that talk about Van Jones in the last weeks got me thinking about Van Gogh, and there you have it, chopped off ear… bit off finger. Quentin Tarrantino couldn’t have done a better job producing this month’s events, or this past 18 months events for that matter.

I don’t tend to fixate on things, not in the same way that, say David Letterman seems to have fixated on Sarah Palin, but I do get things in my head that seem to work their way over to related events in the past: Now this business about the children in the schools singing, “Barack Hussein Obama, mmm… mmm.. mmm…” is very reminiscent of the North Korean Children having to sing songs to the dear leader… and whenever I think of the Dear Leader, I think of Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper” where the Leader has had some sort of a mishap and all that is left is his nose, and the nose is on some sort of a life – support system. Woody Allen and Dianne Keaton sneak in, pretend to be surgeons, and steel the nose. Now, all I can think of is how Jesse Jackson made the outlandish claim that he was going to steal, or take or run away with Barrack’s nuts. (I forget the precise words he used.) So now, we have the Dear Leader, whose nuts are about to be absconded with. And why shouldn’t Jesse pretend to be a surgeon?

So if Jesse is Woody Allen, then who plays Dianne Keaton, Hillary?
They stumble out into the woods, somewhere in Chicago or Evanston where they filmed Ferris Beuhler,
Hillary looks at Jesse and says, “did you know that Obama spelled backwards is Amabo” – say isn’t Nostradamus’ reference to Mabus just a Latinized version of ‘A Mabo’?

So, Chopped off ear, chopped off finger, absconded nose, absconded nuts…
Just a little journey through a strange reality courtesy of our own recent American History.

-Juan Zapatero

Copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero



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