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I’m Perplexed

I am a little perplexed about something. Hillary Clinton spoke in high praise of Margaret Sanger in April of 2009, comparing Sanger to Thomas Jefferson. There was no apparent outrage from the black community. Now, for those who don’t know, Margaret Sanger was an avowed eugenicist. She believed the black population polluted the gene pool. She expressed such views verbally, in her speeches given to the women’s auxiliary to the KKK and elsewhere. Her comments regarding ‘ limiting the black population’, even comments that would seem to indicate eradicating the population are published. Margaret Sanger is hailed as the founder of the Planned Parenthood Movement. Hillary received the Margaret Sanger award, which is given out yearly.
Why Hillary Clinton or anyone would praise such a person, is beyond me. Why the black population of America tolerates this from the left, as they tolerate so much veiled and overt racism from the left is an enigma to me. This item alone is one I have pondered, and I don’t have an answer to. There are some who have tried to defend Hillary on the grounds that she didn’t really fully know who Margaret Sanger was. I can’t conclude that. The idea that a professional politician, a person, so deeply entrenched in the politics of our time, so conversant with pro-choice groups and ways of thinking would not know what Margaret Sanger was about is not logical or sensible. Sanger’s movement resulted in the American Eugenics Society. This society, which believed in racial purity, and in eliminating members of society who were supposedly not fit to procreate, was one of the organizations that strongly influenced Nazi Germany’s own eugenics movement, and at one point were part of the same global movement.
The idea is the same: ‘eliminate the genetic information of people who are considered a drag on the gene pool. Don’t let them maintain the state of their genetic information. Don’t let them contribute this ‘bad’ genetics to humanity’. The easiest way to accomplish this was extermination of certain groups. Other ways of accomplishing this was by sterilization of certain members of society. This explains the Nazi movement to sterilize mentally handicapped, Jews, and other members of society. The forward push to do so in America actually preceded the Nazi movement, and was spearheaded by individuals like Sanger.

We also haven’t heard much outrage amongst Jewish groups, but again the comments supporting a racism that was an historical atrocity are coming from Democrats.
Is this an interesting history lesson on what trumps what?
Is it just a question of who butters your bread? I’d really like an intelligent answer, even if there’s a few nasty words mixed in.

Just an aside:
While Clinton tried to take a jab at the author of our Declaration of Independence by stating that ‘he owned slaves’, she is apparently unaware that he stated at the drafting of the document, “slavery is wholly incompatible with the new Republic.” Jefferson eventually took the position that all slaves should be freed and given their own territory west of the original colonies. Washington believed in general manumission. Washington did in fact free all of the slaves that he himself owned, and was evidently not able to persuade his father-in-law to free the slaves that he owned. Both Washington and Jefferson felt, “Let’s get the Revolution done first.” Jefferson freed ‘some’ of his slaves. I’m not going to try to defend him. He was the first anti-Federalist. While in political philosophy he actually resembled today’s Republicans more: he was for stronger state power, less Federal power, felt that the Federal government should not have their hands in our private affairs. yet there is an irony in the lineage of his party. The Federalists became the Democratic Republicans, who became the Democrats, who are today’s Democrats. the lineage through party conventions, candidacies, and party memberships is fairly unbroken, meaning that Thomas Jefferson was actually the father of today’s Democrat Party.

I suspect if Hillary had known old Jefferson was a Democrat, she wouldn’t have said that.

History has answered at least one question for me: Why did all of the Jews and other people who saw the Nazi movement and the rise to power, and the horrible things that were said and done in such a conspiratorial, and then overt way let it happen almost unchallenged?

The answer, “For the same reason that the blacks, and the Jews and the rest of America are letting the very same groups with the very same histories and the very same agendas hand out awards today without even a few peeps of protest.”

-by John P. Schumake

copyright 2009 John P. Schumake


  • Rapnsum

    Here is a 2 hour documentary which exposes Planned Parenthood and the racist/eugenic agenda in abortion , it is called: maafa21 and I think you will find it of great interest. It is fully documented and you can see a clip here: http://www.maafa21.com

  • John P. Schumake

    Thank you for this. This helps to expose Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and many of the likeminded Eugenicists. They were truly racist and driven with a sick ideal. The apalling agenda was and is evidently there. It’s shocking that a Maragret Sanger award is given out pretty unabashedly every year and prominent politicians go to accept it.

    -John S.


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