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Temperature’s Rising

The more I read about the founding fathers, the more I like them.
They were men, and actually women who, with the possible exception of Hamilton,
believed in a totally free and unabridged press,
a Federal Government that had as little power as possible, and as little intervention into
people’s private affairs as possible.
Their goals and ambitions were nothing like the goals and
ambitions of the current
Congress and Senate presently in power.

At first, I was depressed to realize this.

I even was willing to concede, “okay global warming may well
be happening.”

But then, taking a look at the map of Illinois where I live, something occurred to me that I had never seen before.
The state of Illinois is split about 50-40 -10, fifty percent Dems, 40 percent Republicans,
but all of the Dems are concentrated around Chicago and the very tip of southern Illinois, all near the water.
I remember seeing some maps of what Illinois would look like if global warming continued, the ice caps melted and the seas rose.
All of the areas near the Mississippi and Lake Michigan would be gone, that is…
where the liberals live.
I thought for a second… the same is true of Indiana,
..No… Wait…
The same is true of the entire United States.

All of the liberals are concentrated near the coastal regions,

California, the Pacific Northwest, the liberal Northern Atlantic seaboard, even the inland coastal regions.

…so that means if Global warming and, melting of the ice caps really does occur,
the Democrats will… vanish

It’s not the polar bears that Al Gore is concerned about in terms of

…it’s the Democrats.

Yeh, global warming.

Oh, now wait, that’s hate talk,
and we all know that that sort of talk in the newspapers
and elsewhere is soon to be outlawed by this Congress.

Shame on me.

You know what’s more dangerous than hate talk, though.

Hate silence.

The Fairness Doctrine and the so-called anti-hate talk legislation will completely
destroy James’ Madison’s dream that was real for many years of an unabridged press,
(unlike London, for example, where the BBC’s offices were broken into and documents seized by the British government).

This is all very unsettling. Very unsettling indeed.

Excuse me; I have to go check the thermometer.

Copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero



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