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Take a bow.

We have a tradition in the west about bowing. You would do it if you were in a Broadway Play or musical, only at the end of the musical, and only then, if you had done a good job with your performance. Evidently, when Western leaders defy that tradition, it becomes mutually embarrassing for both the Western leaders, and the leaders to whom they are bowing.

As I watched Obama bow before the Emperor of Japan, however, I experienced a new horror as I noticed president Obama’s lips moving. Now I may be mistaken, and this may require careful slow motion study of the footage, but I thought I saw him form the words, “Ah, sooo…” Horror gripped, me. In my terrified mind I saw him walking in the Prime Minister’s bonsai garden and at the first opportunity, unable to contain himself, whispering out loud to himself, “bonsai!”., and then chuckling as he pulled on his right ear. Worse yet, I hope, at dinner, after enjoying the music of Japanese stringed instruments, I truly hope he didn’t say, “Mr. Prime minister, can you… uh… say, Hutsit Ralston on the… uh… rillarock and a rawlup rawlup suit..?” Of course, he would not be the first president who could barely contain himself at the state dinner party thrown by the Japanese dignitaries.

I watched Mr. Obama, on CNN, speaking in front of the Korean Press core, and just when he was asked about his intentions regarding free trade and the hope of opening wide possibilities for Korean Car manufacturers to sell more of their cars in the United States CNN cut away from the Live Broadcast! I wonder, ‘why?’

It’s clear that CNN has never been the cheerleading team that MSNBC has been for the President (Newsweek should have featured Chris Matthews in a cheerleading outfit instead of Sarah Palin. It would have been a more timely and germane statement addressing the dominating political-news media relationship). Nevertheless, shedding themselves of the deeply opinioned Lou Dobbs, CNN is truly driving in neutral, and, it appears, on the left hand side of the street.

If you want truly fair and balanced coverage and full-coverage –all the way to the end of the story – start reading… That would be a good thing for all of the left leaning newspapers like the New York Times, whose readership is sagging. Evidently people on the right are still reading, or at least they are still buying newspapers…. (Is it just possible that individuals on the right housebreak more dogs and paint more?). I can’t say for sure. I lean right, but some of that is due to the fact that for years while working in construction I carried heavy oak planks on my right shoulder, and I’m that guy who reads the C++ Programmer’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At any rate, ‘Sayonara’, for now…

Oh, Gosh… I hope he didn’t say that…


– copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero


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