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Happy Thanksgiving, or Deep Fried Turkeys cause Global Warming

Things to Give Thanks for:

Despite Al Gore’s Global Warming, the Almighty God, in his providence has provided that the polar bear population isn’t shrinking.

Despite The crucifixion of the CIA by the Obama administration (largely to help Nancy Pelosi save face for stupid accusations she made against them early in the year) they are still thwarting intricate terrorists plots …

Despite the fact that Janet Napolitano, director of Homeland security, characterized Veterans returning from foreign War as being high-threat potential terrorists, people still sign up for the armed services with the intention of defending our country…

People in this country are still willing to stand up against government that they do not approve of. They do it via tea parties and town-hall meetings, and blogs, and emails to Congressmen, but the grass-roots people are far from comatose and compliant. Thank God for that, because most of the media has entered into the hypnotized zombie state…

People are still willing to speak out against a government that lavishes favors in fascist fashion on secular action groups with dubious ethics, like Acorn…

People are still willing to study and point out the lack of jurisprudence in decisions made by individuals such as attorney general Eric Holder to try an entire nation that was once united against a common foe, instead of trying the terrorists that hurt them.

I am thankful to God for this great land, a land incredible with human and natural resources. A land with timber and grain and ideas and voices. A land with switch grass and flowing water and natural gas fields, though President Obama and Congress have put energy independence and private sector job creation on the back burner.
I am thankful to God for a land with abundant oil reserves, though President Obama rescinded President Bush’s order to begin drilling in Utah immediately, a move that would have really created real private sector jobs, instead of preserving the jobs of bureaucrats, which add nothing to the gross national product.
I am thankful to God for the vast coal deposits, though President Obama has stated that he would like to put coal mining companies out of business.
I am thankful to God for Freedom of speech in this country, without which no other Freedom could exist, though the current Congress will try in every way to pass the Fairness Doctrine which would essentially hobble the Freedom of Speech.

We have a lot and more blessings to be thankful for. Don’t let them slip away.
A people educated in the value of Freedom will always be willing to speak out against a government’s grasping at Power, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. To refuse to look for and see and expose the abuse of power is to choose enslavement.
Be thankful.
Be free.
And in the words of a very wise old cartoon:
“Never under-estimate the power of a shnook.”

copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero


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