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Circus Comes to Town in Lower Manhattan!

Come on down to Eric’s big-top
Buy your tee-shirts
Bring your cash!
We got firemen burned in airbrush!
Tee-shirts of people coughing ash!

We want the world to really like us!
Oh please, Oh please don’t be offended!
We sort of lost our heads on 9 – 11,
But our torn-up flesh is easily mended!

We wash and scrub our (libral) faces
To look like we love all the races.
The silent truth hides in the hanger
and the black Syringe of Margaret Sanger.

Though this may sound (quite) really zaney
We just want to nail Bush and Cheney.
We don’t care your dearest wife
Fell out the window with her life
So drag your stomach through the gravel
We want to show an honest looking gavel

Come on down to Nancy’s nuthouse!
Where we can try the CIA
Look inside our hall of mirrors
Distort the truth
It’s fun to play!

The former air-force lawyer blazoned
When asked if he would try the nation
He clenched, he glared, you best believe it!
One wonders what revenge occasion
Made him brush right off his suit-sleeve
The broken hearts that cry and still grieve.

Come on down to the giant crater!
Buy your hotdogs, see the dust
Of all unburied victims made here,
A civil trial is a Must!

We want the world to really like us!
The trials fair! (Though we said they’ll hang!)
Can anything be more civilian!
We read their rights. It’s just a game!

We didn’t win the Great Olympics,
So a hundred mill for this is cheep!
They’ll forget this is a breech of practice.
Their mindless! Give them Games! They’re sheep.

-copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero


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