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2012: Flipping the Switch

It’s easy to see the doom and gloom in the direction being taken by global governments. I’m a big fan of doom and gloom. Doom and gloom has made Al Gore a very rich man. It’ll make other people rich. Economists who predict the meltdown of our economy will sell many books, as will astrophysicists who predict the asteroid of destruction’s near brush with the earth and all of the subsequent upheavals in tides, brains, wind currents, mindsets. None of this is scary enough for me. The possibility of the heavens being caught on fire, or giant boulders falling into our oceans is not that troubling. The outcome of huge tsunami’s thrashing inland for many miles and covering land and wiping away portions of the population is not the most horrifying possibility of 2012.
There is something far more auspicious, far more rumbling. It has haunted me for many years. It has haunted me in its promise.

I fully expect the year 2012 to come and go with its own share of physical, natural and economic disasters, but nothing that we could necessarily attribute to a black hole at the center of our galaxy.

There are bigger plans for us, huge plans that are contained in a tiny little mechanism that was set into motion just as our DNA sets our physical growth, and, in effect death into motion.

This mechanism can be seen in many places, and I’ll look at it in one place, a written form. First, though an analogy: Whenever I find myself driving on the expressway, there invariably comes the point where I must get off. That point is usually a ramp. Or a split in the road, or some sort of divergence. Generally I become aware of this ramp or divergence at some point preceding the time when I will have to turn. If I don’t it’s particularly annoying. If I do, I have a decision to make.

The decision is actually a composite of decisions,: “get over into the correct lane, watch the signs, move into the appropriate merging or diverging lane. Sometimes it requires a quick lane shift before it’s too late.

Now, ‘before it’s too late’ is in itself a clever construct, with intriguing attributes, methods of its own, and consequences that are sort of return values. Here’s how ‘before it’s too late, or ‘bitl’, works: You put into it the speed you are traveling at and the distance you think you have to travel. Bitl takes this information and compares it with its own knowledge of the distance you have to travel and the speed you have to travel at. It attempts to provide you with a variety of visual or mental cues, some of them locked in your own brain, to get you to make that move into the next lane before you find yourself either stuck in the wrong lane, trying to slide dangerously between two fast moving trucks, or far worse ricocheting off of that concrete divider that separated the left from the right.

BITL exists in many forms. You can imagine, visualize, and look back at many of the forms and shapes of BITL. If you have ever had that recurring dream that you are back in school and you have been going the entire semester without showing up for a class, because you really didn’t even know that you were signed up for that class, that’s BITL talking to you in a very creative way. Being a Creationist, I believe that God created BITL. However, there may be some who will theorize that BITL was actually an outcome of the Big-Bang and one of the laws of thermodynamics, probably the law of entropy.

My absolute favorite spot to look at, commune with and maybe even have a cup of coffee and enjoy BITL is in the book of Revelations. (If you don’t read Christian writings, bare with me. It should be painless and still allegorically pertinent). Remember, I said that I am a big fan of doom and gloom. Let me clarify. I am really an observer of the lowering skies of impending clouds that will roll back to open the corridor for the irreversible… storm.

So, Revelations: We have four angels that are holding back the four winds so they will not hurt anything on the earth until the servants of God have been sealed in the forehead. Now let me be clear about one thing, no one has been vacuumed off of the earth. Just as Noah had to go through the flood, though protected, so, these people are still on the earth.

I say this because there is a belief taught, known as the ‘rapture’. This also is not the source of my wide-eyed petrifaction. I have educated reasons for believing that that could not possibly happen anywhere near 2012, though I do subscribe to the eventuality. The entire set of rapture verses is a fascinating writing, no matter what your belief set. It’s a tiny collection of about 28 verses in St. Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians chapter 15 verses 20 to 58. St. Paul writes that at the last trump the dead in Christ shall rise, and those who are alive shall be caught up in the air to meet them. Since I believe that God is not a God of confusion, and that the same Holy Spirit who spoke to St. John spoke to St. Paul and many other prophets, then both of their last trumpets are the same last trumpet (It would be odd for there to be a trumpet after the last trumpet, wouldn’t there? – which is what would have to be the case if St. John’s last trumpet, wasn’t St. Paul’s last trumpet. )
Okay, from a logical and chronological standpoint, the rapture can’t have occurred yet, at the time of the ‘sealing’. So, these people will still have been on the earth, which makes sense, because the last two inspired prophets will still be yet to come and preach their admonitions to the whole of humanity. And you are, at that juncture, either sealed in the forehead…
…or you are not.

So what does all of this have to do with 2012? A little BITL of a warning here: Just watch the road signs, because, the most ominous threat is not the asteroid that is going to wipe us all out, or even the tsunamis that will overflow the earth, and wash away all of Al Gore’s polar bears, who were already dying, or even the staring empty seats on the subway.  It’s the class you forgot to attend, the lane you were not quick enough to switch into, the last lane, on the last off-ramp.

-copyright 2009 by Juan Zapatero



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