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What To Like and Not To Like About Avatar

If you go to see Avatar, see it in 3D. I found myself ducking to avoid incendiary canisters that were rolling off of a slightly futuristic helicopter. The movie was a giant incredible tapestry of effects, taking place in the marvelous jungle of the distant world of Pandora. I was especially pleased to see a huge portion of the cast were a combination of real people and computer generated individuals. Even though this is Hollywood’s effort to marry the future of 3D interactive film with the acting profession, it lays bare the reality that this can almost all be done by computer engineers, programmers, motion capture experts, and other technical geniuses. This is exciting, because we may finally begin to see the end of the over-paid world of acting prima donnas who use their high visibility to poison every social, political, religious and literary venue possible.

Though it’s not impossible that the owners of such intellectual properties will use a 9 foot tall purple alien with a tail to try to push home some political point (After all Fred Flintstone did a few smoking commercials, I think when he was still called Fred Flagstone), but ambiguities over the ownership of the complete right of expression of these intellectual properties may make that difficult.

The movie, of course did have the familiar , “White Americans have destroyed the rain forest, killed the American Indian, will export that misery to any indigenous peoples of any future we can imagine, and there are only two or three out of thousands that have any conscience.” However, I also found in there, a message that had long ago vanished from film – that there actually is a Spiritual Supreme Being who cares about the beings who reach out to the Supreme One. Interestingly, this being was even connected to the life forms on all levels, and was willing to answer sincere prayer.

So, I have to highly recommend the movie Avatar, for families with reservations (mental reservations, not reserved seats). If you are godless and very progressive, you can tell your children, “Ah, yes! See the lesson! We have destroyed aboriginal civilizations and we will always do so. We are fundamentally wicked, especially the Conservatives amongst us, and , as for that business about the God of the Pandoran Na’vi people, the writers had to put that in for the groundlings!”

If on the other hand, you have more traditional heartland proclivities you can tell your children, “Now, see, the person who really ended up trying to help these native Pandorans turned out to be a person who discovered prayer and discovered a spiritual life, and he was the person who was willing to try to avert the destruction of their indigenous culture and the exploitation of their resources.”

Sit next to the people with the opposite beliefs, share popcorn, nod your head and say, “How true, How true…”
Great fun. I’ve been wearing the 3D glasses around the house…. A coffee can rolled out of a cabinet that I had opened and I said, “ah, it’s just 3-D” and it hit me in the head…

Copyright 2010 by Juan Zapatero


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