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Dr. Livingston, I Presume?


(With Corrections)

I HAD THE PRIVILEGE and pleasure of attending a prayer breakfast this morning at Saint Victor’s Parish in Calumet City, Illinois, south of Chicago. Bishop Perry spoke along with several other speakers, including Father ‘Rocky’ (Fr. Frank Hoffman) of relevant radio. Part of the purpose of the breakfast was to gather support for the ‘Catholics Come Home’ initiative. He cited that there are over 2 million Catholics in the Chicago land area and diocese alone who no longer attend Church.
The Bishop included in his talk a topic I have heard him speak on before, and that is the necessity for Catholics to ‘speak out’. – not to be sheepish at work and in their daily lives, but to be willing to speak out and not to be quiet about their core beliefs. I found myself pondering. This brings me to that Catholic thing that I would like to speak out on. Ready for the ride?

In southeast Asia and various outlying islands there are groups of apes known as gibbons. Now the gibbons that live in one area, particularly island areas, differ considerably from gibbons of other areas. It has been said that there is considerable chromosomal diversity amongst the different types of gibbons, pointing to an unusually great and rapid amount of change from one group to the next. From an ‘evolutionary’ standpoint the changes amongst gibbons has been ‘too much, too fast’ to have been accounted for by Natural Selection, random mutations, adaptive acceptance of mutations, etc. So, various theories and combinations of theories have arisen to account for this. One of course, we have all heard is the Cataclysmic theory. That’s where some highly radioactive object passes the earth, or even collides with it, and causes massive changes to occur in next generations because of the radioactivity. Okay. Another theory is this: Within the genetic code of the gibbons (and other life forms) there was mathematically built in a sort of timed change matrix. When a certain offspring of any species ‘arrived’ that particular offspring possessed a change that was guaranteed to happen in the timing and math probability of things. The change is DNA’s way of saying, “Here’s something new, try this! If it works we’ll stick with it. (By the way your exact mate is mathematically somewhere nearby)”;

I absolutely believe that Noah’s Ark is still sliding around on Ararat. However, there is no doubt that God Almighty is also the author of the marvelousness of genetics as King David so sonorously endeavored to explain more than 2 ½ thousand years ago (I’ll leave you to find out where.) I believe that man is a species created by the hand of God. Yet, I do believe in the great diversity and survivability that God built into each species.
My own father likened God to a great sculptor, “Okay, that statue’s …a nice!  Now I make one like, it, only he’s a going to be standing looking over the shoulder. We usa the same marble! Everyone going to say, “Sure Thatsa made by the hands of Michelangelo! It almos looks lie the one statue came form the other one! But it didn’t! It coma from the hand of Michelangelo!’”
Okay we’re hacking (making) our way back to the Bishop’s prayer breakfast:
So the gibbons went through this massive quick and totally unaccountable genetic change and diversification. I like the matrix theory, and, being a programmer and a great aficionado of mathematics, it works fine for me.
Here’s the issue, though. If you haven’t been listening… I mean, if you haven’t been reading up till now, then… start reading:
If any quantity of those gibbons had been consistently destroyed, the new species, and the derivative species and the sub-species would have, mathematically speaking, been doomed. After all, when the probability built into the sheer mathematics of genetics pronounced a change, that change, though not solitary in its differentness, might never have occurred if, the species had, say taken to ‘eating their young.’ (Oddly, there’s been little change amongst sharks and polar bears over the ages, except that the polar bears have adopted Al Gore.) Both are known to eat their young (polar bears and sharks, that is).

My point? Species survive, and grow taller, and shorter, or louder, or quieter, because their great creator has built into their ‘possibilities’ some change… Take as much as you like, a huge dose if you believe in evolution, a small dash, if, like me, you are planning that trip to Noah’s ark. Yet, we are destroying our survivability. You see, all joking aside, abortion is not only the ending of a life. It is the dooming of the necessary tools for the species to live breathe, change, adapt, and continue to glorify God, (or redistribute wealth if that’s where you are at). This is more dire than the Ozone depletion, more time critical than the imminent demise of the polar bears, more urgent than the crisis of global warming. It is the physical and mathematical damning of our own species based upon the most current findings and surmises of the people who have studied the chromosome changes of singing primates. You see, that little humanoid (one) in the womb might not have been the inventor of the cure for cancer, or the comedian who would make us all laugh in a difficult time, but that little one might have been the ‘instance’ of humanity with slightly different fat cells, ones that were able to survive a period of global warming. But we may never know, because, in the words of Orson Welles acting as the child in the womb, “today I died..”
So, there, I’ve said it. But why did I say it?
I said it because a year or so ago I was in Church (a Catholic Church) before the election that elected Barack Obama, and the deacon had chosen to use his preaching pulpit as a bully pulpit, “I hear a lot of talk from parishioners about ‘the right to life’ and how we need to vote for Conservative candidates who are pro-life… Well, I’ve got news for you,” he said, ” It’s been over thirty years and Roe vs. Wade hasn’t been overturned, but there are other issues that pertain to life, like the war….” He went on with what to me was tantamount to his advertisement for voting for the left.

Back to the earnest, good and inspiring Bishop Perry, whom I commend for this outreach, which I believe God will unquestionably bless. I would like to provide an observation as to why some Catholics haven’t come home. I have been in many Catholic Churches at many services. I have left the Church to become a Pentecostal, and I have come back. Invariably when I go to mass, I hear a sermon that would greatly please Obama-Pelosi-Reid supporters, and occasionally I hear one that would bring a smile to people who have more conservative values. (After all, the Catholic Church was a Church for the masses’ back when voting on the left, didn’t mean a vote for ‘Pro-Choice’ and the secularization of our land to the point that it would take luminol to find God’s remembrance). I go to Church largely for the Eucharist. I often dread the homiletic message. It often isn’t the message that so many of us in the heartland would hope to hear, a message of pro-life, a message of help thy neighbor out of thine own heart.  Instead, I occassionally hear the insidious ‘give to Caesar so he can help thy neighbor.’   I am not the only member of the laity with well-trained ears. Many incognito Catholics have nestled in to small Bible-Reading Churches with Bible toting congregations, and I have just told you why.
As for that deacon who gave the message that it’s been over thirty years and we have gained no ground in the courts,  if he were truly a pro-life advocate, from the beginning, he would have known we have gained considerable ground. He would have known that the Federal Courts ruled that if an individual harms a pregnant woman such that the child dies, the individual can, in some cases be tried for murder. This is tantamount to saying, “Under some circumstances, the unborn is human life… at least if the mother wants it to be.” Not all gains can be comprehended under one big sweeping change like the rolling back of Roe v Wade. But then, the person with the gene for great neuron development, who was meant to get through the unusually thick skull of a particular deacon, was never born, so the deacon went on his way, misleading congregations and we’re all sitting in trees scratching our heads and wondering, “Why did Catholics wander from the Church?”
They aren’t all sitting in bars or bowling. Some have gone to seek their wisdom elsewhere. It’s sad, because the power of the sacraments for those of us who have gone on the Jeremiah 33:3 ride is far greater than any Indiana Jones Experience, but that faithless, leftist doubt in human nature which has crept into the Vanguard of the faith, and faith in the mechanisms of a forced ‘Village of Utopia divvying up the sweat of a few for the mollification of the conscience of many’ which has tip-toed into the bastion of  that which was always, at large  ‘Pro-Life’ have left some sitting in their rocking chairs with their dawg, their blunderbuss and their Bible, sayin’, “I just don’t know.  Mebee one of these days I’ll go back home.   Ahm thinkin’ on it…  Mebee”


-copyright by Juan Zapatero 2010



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