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Iron-Out will not Remove Ironies



I marvel over some ironies, like this one:  The Obama Administration’s request to the military to cut defense spending will likely result in defense contractors like Lockheed cutting  jobs due to lost contracts.  Boeing will also be affected as a major sub..  In fact, there is an article in the Feb 18th WallStreet Journal that deals with the very real possibility of the Lockeed plant in Marietta Georgia having to lay employees off , and as many as 70,000 people could get laid off in association with this. Yet we have this stimulus bill that will supposedly create jobs building a railway from Vegas to Disneyland.  What a gamble.  By the time land is surveyed and purchased, engineers are engaged, architects have finished plans, we will be many years down the road before the first worker dons a hard hat.  Job loss, now – job promise – later. 

Here’s another one:  There was a man from Chicago who said, “Kill your parents, bring the revolution home, that’s where it’s really at.”

There was a man living in the environs of Los Angeles, California who said, “I didn’t put these knives in the hands of your children.  I didn’t kill anyone.” 

The man from Chicago co-authored a book called ‘Prairie Fire’ .  In it is a call for revolution to rise up in retaliation of what has been done to the black brother.

The man from California viewed himslef as the leader of the Revolution of the Black Race in what would be an ‘apocalyptic race war.’

To me, both were an exploitation of black people for purposes of achieving power.  The African American people have their own great leaders, and don’t need to be led around by any white socialists or anarchists.

The man from Chicago was sought after by the FBI in relation to killings that were done by people in his organization.

The man from California was sought after by police in relation to killings that were done by people in his organization.

Supposedly neither man actuially physically killed anyone.

The man from Chicago had a rich and influential father who held a prominent job in the Chicagoland area.   The man from Chicago got off on legal technicalities.

The man in California basically said that society created and raised him.  He had no influential father.  He’s in jail.  The murders done by the people who followed him were atrocious.  They were murders of famous people.

The man from Chicago did no jail time in association with the deaths caused by bomb makers or other members in his organization.  By many accounts he was one of the recognized leaders of the organizaion that made the bombs.  His wife did some jail time in association with a robbery that ended in the death of some people.

The man from California is sitting in a jail cell with an X carved on his head.

The man from Chicago is a very influential and outspoken person in the arena of education, in Illinois in general and in Chicago in particular.

The man from California supposedly had some aquaintanceship with some rock stars.

The man from Chicago helped to launch the career of our current President.  He and the President sat on at least one board together.

The people killed* by the nail bombs of the organization that the man from Chicago was purportedly a member of and probably a leader of are still dead.  The killing was a mess and it was bloody.  It hasn’t received much publicity.  The two New York Policemen killed by this organization were not famous.

The people killed by the organization that the man from California was associated with are also still dead. It was bloody and well-publicized and is still well-publicizzed.  It was reported to have been publicly celebrated at a Weatherman meeting – celebrated and wildly ‘hurrayed’ by the wife of the man from Chicago.

The real irony is that people tend to be more scared of the man who is locked in jail, and his words are viewed as a barely sane taunt.  The man from Chicago publishes extensively, has not recanted his belief in social change by means of very ‘attention grabbing’ means.  His writings, to me, are very dangerous, very socialistic, very communistic, he speaks of the bombs his organization made as though they were controlled, and yet, the bombing of the memorial to Chicago Policemen in the Haymarket Riot scattered so far, debris going to many well traveled roads, that it was truly a miracle that there are no reported deaths or injurious – reported that is.

There was no ‘control’ in the bombings – don’t believe that hallucination. 

Here’s another irony:  One of the arguments used by the Pro abortion group is what I call – The Margaret Sanger argument.

These Pro-Choicers say they believe that the poor women who end up with unwanted pregancies are in such unfortunate circumstances which will cause economic duress and compound their already miserable lives, that they should be given abortion as an option.  So Congress is (read the FOCA BLOG) willing to construct at the taxpayers expense an untold number of clinics to facilitate this process, and to counsel these people.  Yet, if we have all of this money to do this, why didn’t we just try to help these poor unfortunate moneyless people who were having babies in the first place to help make their pregnancies and lives easier.  There was no counseling, funds or options available for this on such a large governmental level.  Never been tried by the government, never been done.

I call this the ‘Margaret Sanger’ argument, because Margaret Sanger supposedly saw an unfortunate person living a bleak life have an illegal abortion, and die as a result.  She became a great proponent for abortion.  What a champion!   Yet -> irony:  Margaret Sanger was an avowed eugenicist.   In other words – she and Hitler would have gotten along well together.  She was very vocal, spoke in front of the Women’s auxiliary to the KKK and firmly believed and wrote that the lower elements of society would pollute and weeken the gene pool by their procreation.  These lower elements were people who were failures, the dregs, people who couldn’t make it.  Sanger is the reputed ‘founder’ of Planned Parenthood.   Those unfortunate people at the time of Sanger’s writings would have been grandparents of people who would have taken their place aside many of the people I have come to know and respect – Irish Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans, African Americans, many others…

Here is an irony within an irony ( I love those).  The outrage among a small but vocal group of African American individuals against abortions has at long-last begun.  Sanger’s agenda clearly targetted black people. African Americans have traditionally been staunch supporters of Democratic Politicians, who are staunch supporters of and also recipients of support from organizations like Planned Parenthood.  The main-stream media has ignored the voices of the African-Americans who are fed-up with the destructiveness of abortion in the African American Communities. (I’ll present more about this at a later time).

African Americans have voted overwhelmingly to put people like Barak Obama in power.  Yet, Obama was one of the few Illinois Senators to actually vote in Illinois against ‘The Born Alive Ammendment which would have protected  the infant that survived the abortion!

Now here comes the mother of all ironies, or maybe it’s the baby of all ironies: 

Obama claimed that the Illinois Born Alive Ammendment was not like the U.S. Senate ammendment. (which he didn’t get to vote on).   He said that the language was not the same, and that the Illinois ammendment had language that didn’t protect Roe vs. Wade.

Yet, a check on FactCheck.Org reveals that he was being less than honest in this, The Illinois Born Alive Ammendment did have language to Protect Roe v Wade.  The ammendment didn’t differ from the U.S. ammendment.   It certainly didn’t differ in its protection or lack of  with regard to Roe v Wade.

Now for the nested irony:  FactCheck.org is owned and run by the Annenberg foundation.  The Annenberg foudation is that foundation that provided funding for an organization that  William Ayers and Obama both sat on the board of.  That organization received money from the Annenerg foundation to do their quasi educational stuff.

You were wondering how I was going to tie all of these ironies together.

As far as the fantasyland express goes (and hopefully it won’t go very far):   If things get really rough in the world and we end up in a horrible unprecedented military engagement that we had never anticipated  nor wanted- you can always go hop on the fantasyland express!  Who needs the Air Force F-22 Raptors – or even those jobs!!!   You don’t think Barak Obama would ever take us in that direction – the direction of unprecedented war?  Oh, I don’t know.  There’s a couple of spots in the world he can blame a Republican President for – alla Lyndon Johnson . (Johnson Bumped Eisenhaur’s 50,000 to 450,000 in Vietnam)  And!  he’s been keeping that Franklin Delano Roosevelt playbook awfully close on the nightstand.

*Bomb making members of the Weathermen Organization were killed by making nails bombs. The shere fact that they were nail bombs contradicts the claims of people who say there was never an intention of hurting anyone.  Also, this circumstance would seem to prove that the Weatherman bomb activity was not in any way well controlled for attention grabbing purposes only, as has been purpoted lately by aging members.





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