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Promises, Promises

So what’s the state of the union? Well, we all know, it’s a mess. However, Obama very cleverly concluded the last decade, from 2010 on back as the decade of George Bush, very neatly sweeping his own nasty, partisan, unproductive year in with the Bush years.  Obama made every promise in the book. He made promises to the left, and promises to the right. ‘We’re going to build nuclear power plants, we’re going to start offshore drilling for oil, we’re going to give tax breaks for small businesses and cut capital gains taxes.’   Then he made promises to the left. ‘We’re going to pass cap and trade, we’re going to be the leader in cutting pollution, we’re going to make healthcare for all Americans a reality, we’re going to provide more loans for people who want to go back to college.’

My wife said it was more amusing listening to me yelling at the T.V. than the state of the union address. What was I yelling?

We haven’t built a nuclear power plant in the U.S. in over 40 years.  Those cooling lakes to cool the cores of those newly placed fission reactors are going to play real well with Obama’s left wing environmentalists;  as will, the offshore drilling of oil. I don’t believe that we have built a refinery here in over 30 years. That brings up another point.  It isn’t the sparsity of oil in the U.S. that’s a problem. We also don’t have enough refinery capabilities, and those refineries put the very smoke-stacks into the air that the Obama far left supporters want to cap and then trade against.

…I say we strap a generator to Nancy Pelosi, get Obama to keep giving speeches, and we’ll generator enough power from her standing up and down to keep Washington’s power grid going through a power-outage.  It’ll be termed ‘hydrophobic electric power.’  I’ll refrain from comparisons to power produced by Grand Coulee dam.

So he’s going to cut taxes for small businesses and the middle class , and just raise them for the very wealthy (I think that means anyone who is still left working),  but then he’s going to turn around and fund this giant health care monster, and all of the other give-aways he supports on the left. Bottom line: The President’s state of the union address was the longest series of unkeepable promises that I have ever heard uttered by one person in one room on one day.

-copyright 2010 by Juan Zapatero


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