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What do you think a stimulus is, a bolshevik plot?

What’s this? Has Captain America joined the ranks of Heroes and Super-Heroes gone bad? From the time that Hercules went mad and killed his wife, which is what occasioned the 12 labors he had to perform, to the present, various super-heroes and heroes have joined the ranks of villains, only occasionally navigating back over to the right side. Just last week I commented on Darth Vader and Mussolini (yes, to the Italian people at one time Mussolini was a hero.)
So Captain America not only engaged in ignorant banter regarding the tea-party supporters, but misled his super-hero friend by allowing him to believe that the ‘tea-baggers’ (as the writers referred to them in a non-prejudicial unstereotypical, hero-like way), were also all racist.
(Interesting… The only ‘racist’ event I can think of that occurred at a town hall rally was when a group of democrat health-care supporters pummeled a black individual who was as fed up as everyone else about the things that the current administration is trying to shove down people’s throats.)

Occasionally, a super-hero not jaded with all of the hi-flying power and ‘ho-hum’ tasks comes to some humble soul-searching and instead of making careless cavalier comments like those made by comrades of Captain America, they reflect on their actions. Why, just about a month ago Super Obama Girl appeared on T.V. declaring, it appeared, that she was having second thoughts about her ‘impressions and feelings’ towards then Senator Obama. She appeared disillusioned with what she seemed to feel was insouciant ingratitude.

This brings me to an important word: ‘disclosure’. Disclosure is what the Republicans have complained the Democrats haven’t been doing for an entire year with all of the policies that they have enacted behind closed doors. Disclosure and transparency is what Obama now promises to bring to the eyes of the Americam people, starting with his well-publicized campaign that will be hosted at Blaire House, wherein he will certainly employ his great skills at one-upmanship to try to spray some new car smell on the Democrats Health Care Plan and that it’s so safe he’d let his own grandmother take it for a spin. (Now, remember, he threw his grandmother under the bus during the campaign with talk about comments she was wont to make.)
Let me tell you something about President Obama and disclosure:
In the 91st session of the Illinois Legislature between 1999-2000 Senator Obama was the only person to vote present against the ‘sex crimes act’ which would have permitted some victims of sexual crimes to request judges to seal the records with regard to their cases. All members voted for it except Obama. When asked by Senator Dirken why he didn’t vote for it, Obama indicated that he felt that it was unconstitutional. Yet, this same senator who felt that the painful sad and horrible details around a sex crimes case must be bared to public perusal, and should not be stopped, for constitutional reasons, did not appear to feel that some of the details of his own life, like his Harvard transcripts, should ever be allowed to be a matter of public record. Thankfully, 58 senators disagreed with him about the sex crimes act. For, had he had his way, many victims of sex crimes may have declined to testify in new cases against repeat offenders, or even in yet unresolved cases for fear of the details surrounding the circumstances of rapes, attempted rapes, murder rapes, or humiliating sex offenses being published in a disparaging and merciless way.

America is running a little short of real Super-heroes, especially the kind that reflect on their actions and make course adjustments.
You are far more likely to see this introspection and soul-searching among the D.C. Superheroes: Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Heracles. They were much more suited to my liking and not, in my point of view, shallow and insipid, as I often found the Marvel Comic Characters to be, like Captain America, and Flatman, who claims to possess some sort of a doctoral degree and to in fact be Dr. Val Ventura, and yet is unable to provide any diploma or any paperwork indicating that he passed any sort of med boards.
Now see, this is why I prefer Superman to Captain America, because he can ‘see through things’. If he were a senator or a congressman instead of a mild mannered reporter, we would have seen the ‘secret’ stimulus and ‘secret’ health – care bills coming long before they splattered across the windshields of America. I wouldn’t be completely surprised to some day see Captain America turning in his moniker for Comrade America.
I am curious, though, if there were some signs in Captain America’s past that would indicate that he was the kind of person who would just remain silent, while earnest, basic Americans are being slimed. I’m curious if he was always so ethically challenged that he was unable to notice that some ‘supposed staffer’ had sketched the hateful statements attributed to tea baggers into his cartoon. More importantly, I am wondering if there may have been some statements or incidents in his past that pointed to this anti-Jeffersonian nature. Something that shows he had a penchant for big government, and quashing the common people, or ridiculing people who were trying to stand up against big government. If anyone can find these references, please point them out to me. It may help in preventing future super-heroes from going the way of Captain America, Hercules, Darth Vader, and, yes, Mussolini.

– copyright February 12, 2010 by Juan Zapatero



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