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Entitlement Violence

In the past year we have seen a rise in what I would refer to as ‘entitlement violence’.

Entitlement violence is the most dangerous part of the expression that, “I am owed this.”, “the world owes me a living”, “I’m owed this grant.”, “ I’m entitled to this job, in spite of my behavior.”, “I should have four strikes and then I’m out.” “You owe me a civil government U.S. trial, even though I’m not a citizen.”
“I am owed being accepted to this University, even if other people have scored higher on tests, and they may not be accepted. Still, I am owed this.”
“I am owed health care. It doesn’t matter whether I want it, or not. It doesn’t matter whose back the cost of this is going to go on, and on, and on… It doesn’t even matter if I chose it. It doesn’t matter if I will work, won’t work, can work, can’t work, or even want to work. I am owed this.”

This week alone we have seen what I refer to as ‘Entitlement Crimes.’ Professor Amy Bishop shot 3 colleagues at the University of Alabama. The shooting seemed to revolve around a decision that essentially denied her tenure. Bishop was a known ‘Leftist.’ Interestingly, some have speculated that the rampage was at least, in part, racially motivated. Two of the three people she shot were African Americans. This is sadly interesting. Do left-leaning people become racist when they finally become disenchanted with a bureaucracy that doesn’t seem to give them what they felt they are owed?

In other words, if your sense of a ‘social justice’ is heavily invested in the ‘social’ aspect, what happens to the human mind when the ‘social’ lets you down?

If a person’s faith were truly not in the system, anyway, then perhaps they would never have gotten disenchanted, angry, vengeful. Why? Because they didn’t put their faith in a governmental system, some huge feudal castle that was supposed to give them what they are ‘entitled to’. Instead they may have put their faith in God, perhaps…. Or, at least had some awe for the mutual worth and reciprocal and collective strength of human souls.

Secondly, we have the incident of Joseph Stack who flew his piper cub into the IRS building in Texas. Stack, like Bishop, had strong Leftist beliefs. Among other things, he was evidently known to be anti-religion, anti-Catholic, anti George Bush, and anti-captialist in his rants which pretty much revokes your membership as a card-carrying right-winger.

Let me add, that in September of this year, John Allen Muhammed, the beltway sniper was executed. There was a little detail that I was never aware of: the motivation. Apparently, young Lee Boyd Malvo testified that Muhammed’s plan was to extort millions from the United States Government in a three-phase plan. Ultimately the millions would be used to set up a home in Canada for young boys of African descent who had no parents or guidance. You can almost see how the young Malvo was brain-washed into participating in a hell-born plot that had an ostensibly ‘good end objective.’ Nevertheless, we see that persistent notion that, ‘the government owes us, we are entitled. The government has promised it. The government has welshed on the deal. The government deserves to be extorted.’
The plan hatched by Muhammed, the beltway sniper, evidently involved shooting 6 white people a day, initially; It would be escalated into shooting pregnant women, and then further escalated into bombings, until the extortion money was finally received.

There are lesser crimes than these crimes. There are, of course the activities of Acorn, revealed by the under-cover tapes that indicated a scary propensity to at less be willing to get government moneys to fund what I would consider as wholesale atrocities. I have indicated in some way that all of these ‘cited circumstances’ are ‘Left-wing’ motivated. I merely stated this to point out an hypocrisy engaged in by some on the left. Every time a hate-crime occurs there are rabid individuals on the Left who point to some organized effort of the Right to express some intolerance. I think we should all realize that people who commit heinous crimes are individuals with philosophies that are often a montage of confusion.

In some of the cases I referred to, we have individuals who have decided that they had to take ‘retribution’ or at least ‘the exacting of fairness’ into their own hands, that they had to set matters straight, or set people straight. At this juncture, I must say that there is something core to true conservative religious values in this country, and that is this: “It’s wrong to take an unborn infant’s life, it’s wrong to euthanize an adult, it’s wrong to seek to kill or maim others, and it’s wrong to take your own life.” In one of the case I cited, the individual took his own life, while attempting to take the lives of others, and in all of the above cases involving human killing they did it in a premeditated manner.
Now say what you will about core conservative values, but if people really lived, meditated and believed them, we’d have a much safer and better country.

However, I do firmly believe that fuelling the concept of entitlement will not only persist in being economically bad for this country, but it will do moral and psychological damage as well. It will, in addition, provide a sense of justification to people committing so-called ‘religiously motivated crimes’ ; they will use the United States Government’s seemingly ‘fickle nature’ in giving and then taking as reason to commit whatever crimes they commit against humanity. This is simply the religious arm of, ‘I am entitled.’ I think it is best technically understood as, ‘I am entitled, and you’re going to get yours.’

I, and others on this site, have quipped or spoken with serious candor in the past about the angry ‘Left-wingers’ who bit the finger off of a man at a Town Hall meeting, and the ‘Left-wingers’ who pummeled a man at a town hall meeting. These are not, however, crimes driven by any sense of ‘Entitlement Indoctrination’. The ‘Entitlement Crimes’ I mentioned, are more reminiscent of the pipe-bombings in the 60’s done by groups like those that William Ayers participated in. They are crimes that seem to punctuate the concept that the government is the ‘Keeper of the Castle.’ Oddly, those who have espoused entitlement violence of historic proportions (You get points for thinking of what moments in history may point to that) don’t seem to want to change that. They seem to simply want to change, who is ‘The Keeper of the Keys.’

-copyright February 2010 by John P. Schumake



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