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Veterans Are In Demand For All the Right Reasons

There’s a marvelous article in the February 18th Wall-Street Journal about Veterans going back to school in great numbers and receiving their MBA’s. The article illustrates how Veterans are in demand by companies and schools offering MBAs because of their proven discipline, leadership skills, or simply their experience in working with a team.
What a sharp contrast to the Obama administration’s advertisement that Veterans returning from War in the troubled MidEastern regions are amongst groups most likely to become involved in right-wing terrorist activities.
Unless, of course, Janet Napolitano meant that Wall-Street Companies, and top MBA Programs like those offered by Harvard, are the right wing conspiratorial groups. Now that could be. Given the fact that students in these schools are taught top-flight aggressive business skills to succeed in a very competitive capitalistic society where there is simply no room for lazy overfed bureaucrats.- Yes, come to think of it, that may be the threat the Homeland Security department so astutely perceived. New leadership blood entering a competitive private sector work force would be a clear threat to any broadspread socialistic agenda.
The schizophrenic comments from the Left (apparently seeing right-wing ex-GIs even in Rorschach inkblot tests) will continue, as was evidenced by the Louis Farrakhan comment that there persists a vast right-wing conspiracy poised to do away with the leader of the still free world. Okay, I’ll see your right-wing conspiracy and raise you a left wing lune. A pot-smoking anti-Bush era man who was convinced that the Bush period government actually executed 9-11 drove from California to the Pentagon and started spraying bullets around at the Pentagon train station, injuring several people. Military records were checked, and he evidently had no connection to the military (Janet Napolitano didn’t comment, but one wonders if she was surprised.) Now, if the fact that he was anti-Bush and smoked marijuana doesn’t cinch his committment to the left,  I would think that the fact that he was from California should settle the matter.

 – (Hmmm… That’s three things he had in common with the man who flew the plane into the IRS building. …)

Maybe instead of separating ourselves into Republican and Democratic Parties it would be more convenient if we could just separate into sane and insane. A litmus test could be the reaction to statements like those made by Janeane Garofalo, seemingly indicating that all right wingers hate black people. (Ah yes, all of my Republican familiars have small porcelain livery stablemen or lawn-jockeys on their front-lawn, and all of my Democrat acquaintances who work in factories speak in such kind and loving terms whenever they mention their black co-workers.)

In truth, however,
that may all change, because as the veterans graduate from their MBA programs and enter the work-force we’ll have people who have worked successfully in teams made up of hispanic, black, white and individuals of oriental descent. Many of these veterans are currently benefitting, according to the Wall-Street journal article entitled ‘Business Schools Tap Veterans’, from an increase in government money available for veteran education. This increase was made in the immediate post 9/11 era by a Post 9/11 GI Bill, according to the Journal article. This bill was passed in a time period and with an administration friendlier in their words, and evidently their actions to the veterans, the CIA, and many of those who defend this country.
The next time a militant anti-Semitic, anti-white European-American, anti-establishment reverend seeks to call on people in the military to rise up in protest against our government, he may want to ponder that the current left wing government has not been too kindly postured towards members of our military, police, or intelligence community, negatively impacting both black or white, and could stand to learn quite a lot from former administrations on how to regard and treat the people who serve and protect us, who haven’t, thankfully, taken up arms to mutiny and overthrow us.

In the Wall-Street Journal article, Stacy Blackman, of Stacy Blackman Consulting, who has worked with veteran clients that snagged spots at prestigious business schools, even without phenomenal GMAT scores, is quoted as saying, “They [veterans] automatically know how to work in a team and they have respect, an important characteristic for business schools.”
Janet, that doesn’t mean a team of right-wing cross-burning haters. Louis or Jeremiah, that doesn’t mean a potential anarchist battalion of left-wing avengers.
Yes, the sane, and the insane…. I think I’ve got something here.

-copyright March 2010 by Juan Zapatero


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